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I have been a computer science hobbyist since I was in the sixth grade. My father gave me two Tandy TRS-80 color computers and a programming book for them. He just gave them to me to play with because they were broken. I took them apart and swapped the CPUs, put them back together and they worked! I spent a lot of time going through Programming With Color Basic and wrote many programs. Since then I have worked with c, c++, HTML, and Python.  I would like to go into a career field that I enjoy. I would like to go into the field of networking security. I am seeking employment to gain professional experience in the computer science and information technology field.


American Sign Language
I have translated for the hearing impaired at live events for two years at 38th Avenue Baptist Church.
Bilingual (Spanish)
I took Spanish I and II in middle school as well as college level Spanish I and II at William Carey University. I have used this skill in Perú and México as well as on job sites.
Progamming and computer science
I have developed various computer programs as a hobbyist. In doing so I have gained some experience programming in the following the languages Basic, Visual Basic, C, C++, HTML, Java, Python, and JavaScript.
I am a certified Microsoft technology associate (MTA) in networking fundamentals. I also hold CompTIA Network+ certification. I have experience setting up networks in the security industry (DVR and cameras) as well as setup and maintenance on computer networks at the photo lab and 38th Avenue Baptist Church.
I have experience installing, troubleshooting, programming, and repairing alarm systems. I also have experience installing, troubleshooting, and repairing CCTV and video systems. I have also been an electronics hobbyist for over ten years. 
PC repair
I have been building and repairing computer systems as a hobby and for friends and family since 1993.
I managed a Photo-Lab for Brookshire's Grocery company for one year. In that time my lab made the second highest profit in the company. 

Work experience

Jan 2012Present


Shreveport Security Systems

Install and troubleshoot various electronic systems including: audio, video, CCTV, security, access control, GPS tracking, and fire alarm. Provide customer service and technical support.

Sep 2008Aug 2011

Associate Pastor

38th Avenue Baptist Church

From September 2008 to August 2011 I was the Associate Pastor of Youth and Evangelism at 38th Avenue Baptist Church. As the youth pastor I was responsible for planning and implementing all youth events, I taught youth Bible studies on Sundays and Wednesdays, and was available for counseling . As the evangelism pastor I planned events that focused on reaching our community for Christ.

Sep 2007Sep 2008

Ticket Writer

University of Southern Mississippi

Patrolled campus for parking violations, wrote tickets for parking violations, towed vehicles in no parking zones, booted vehicles for excessive parking violations, performed security and parking details for campus events, operated front office and information booth, gave directions to campus visitors, and provided customer service to students.

Aug 2005Jul 2007

Photo-Lab Manager

Brookshire's Grocery

As the photo lab manager I supervised all Photo Lab Operations, managed inventory, provided customer service, maintained the lab equipment(computers, mini-labs, networks and chemical baths),merchandise presentation, trained new hires, provided technical support to other lab managers, edited and printed photos, made schedules for the staff, and ensured loss prevention.


Aug 2008May 2009

B.S. of Religion

William Carey University

I attended William Carey University for one year before transferring to Liberty University.



Oct 2012Present

IS-00001 Emergency Program Manager

Emergency Management Institute(FEMA)
Oct 2012Present

IS-00003 Radiological Emergency Management

Emergency Management Institute(FEMA)
Oct 2012Present

IS-00230.b Fundamentals of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Institute(FEMA)
Nov 2012Present

Microsoft Technology Associate; Networking fundamentals

Mar 2013Present

Adobe Certified Associate

Mar 2013Mar 2016

CompTIA Network+

Mar 2012Mar 2015

NT-0001 Certified Alarm/Security Technician - Level 1

Electric Security Association