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The desperate state of the healthcare system demands innovative approaches to meet individual and organizational pursuit of health, productivity, and fulfillment.  I am seeking an opportunity to direct the development of a product, service, and/or business model that dramatically improves the speed, accuracy, and cost associated with healthcare decisions made by the individual and their caregiver.


Work experience


Senior R&D Engineer

Medtronic CardioVascular
  • Led validation of potential $1B market opportunity to expand cardiovascular business. Team backed recommendation with customer input, clinical evidence, and technology analysis.
  • Led $1.5M program to evaluate the safety and efficacy of an experimental drug-device combination therapy for cardiovascular disease. Managed 8-person team that designed and built a surgical delivery device; designed and executed a 28-animal chronic study; and created the regulatory and commercialization strategy.  Completed on time and $300K under budget.
  • Developed protocol for using Sonosite ultrasound scanner, Reveal implantable cardiac monitor, and CareLink Programmer; instructed surgical team for above pre-clinical study.
  • Developed procedure for precise surgical injection into the myocardium. $200K saved in R&D costs and regulatory timeline shortened with novel use of commercial ultrasound scanner.
  • Led design verification of a guide catheter obtained from a small firm prior to design freeze. Overcame challenges of managing a multi-site team operating under differing quality systems.
  • Managed direct reports, gathered physician input, negotiated contracts, managed relationships with vendors and consultants, and performed technical due diligence.
  • Proactively promoted innovation—pioneered and administered web-based idea management system; hosted innovation speakers; and co-led internal innovation campaigns resulting in over 30 new business concepts, 70 invention disclosures, and 150 process improvements.
  • Submitted 19 invention disclosures; at least 3 patent applications filed.

Hardware Engineer, Software Engineer, and Image Systems Engineer

Interactive Northwest, Intel, Sony, Hughes Research, and Cbyon (6 Internships)

  • Telecom; ASIC design; color science; image sensor calibration; and virtual endoscopy.




Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Experiential education in medical device innovation; focused on neurology & neurosurgery.
  • Streamlined team capture and review of needs, concepts, and research with custom database.
  • 4-person team identified 300+ unmet clinical needs; brainstormed 100+ concepts; filed 7 patent applications; built and tested prototypes; assessed commercial viability.
  • Led team to place 2nd in Stanford business plan competition for novel stroke therapy.


Stanford University

  • Designed and demonstrated novel 3D ultrasound imaging architecture that greatly reduced the hardware cost of real-time 3D ultrasound systems for soft tissue surgical navigation.
  • 1st-authored 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and 5 conference publications (21 total).


Stanford University

  • Signal processing, digital communications, vision science, and medical imaging


Walla Walla College
  • Math minor; graduated with honors
  • Solid engineering fundamentals with emphasis in computer science and digital design



Business Acumen

Acumen Learning

Project Leadership, Management, and Communications

ESI & George Wash University

The Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease

Stanford University

Emerging Enterpreneurs in Biomedical Technology

Stanford Biodesign


Aine Smalley

"He is passionate about identifying and solving problems, from unmet clinical needs to internal procedural issues...driven by a genuine desire to help others"

Melissa Jeffries

"Jeremy's ability to think outside of the box and challenge the status quo enables the type of innovation required for a company to flourish."

Evan Anderson

"He is project focused, goal oriented and is willing to do what it takes to get things done right the first time."

Joe Catanese

"Jeremy consistently puts the customer first in his decisions and discussions."

Josh Makower, MD

"Jeremy throws himself 100% into any challenge and delivers results."