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High school diploma

Greenon high school

Hvac certified

Rets tech university

Did a nine month program where I became certified in Hvac.

Area of Expertise

Flooring installation

Ive done both commercial and residential flooring. I did that for approximately five years.

Electrician top helper

Bend pipe. Pull wire. Make up and terminate. Can read and understand blue prints. Experience working In bucket trucks(as high as 125 ft). Terminate panels. Can do almost everything and anything I can't all you have to do is show or tell me once and ill get it

Work experience


Electrician top helper

West electrical contractors

I can read blue prints. I know how to bend met pipe.(1/2 up to 1 1/4). I have experience pulling big wire(500-750). Most experience is in commercial. Mainly schools. I can wire up panels, disconnects, three and four way switches. There is not a lot I can't do. I have no problem running bucket trucks. Heights are not an issue.

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), SAP, SRM, Visio