Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2008 - Present

Window Cleaner

Commercial High Rise
Cleaned windows on high rise buildings within the state of WV,Oh,Kentucky!
Jan 2012 - Dec 2013

Internet Marketer, Vector Marketing
Prmoteing my own Internet business,and doing my own marketing for, and work part-time for Vector Marketing as a Sales Rep.
Mar 2010 - Apr 2011

General Cleaner

Arm General Cleaning
Cleaned windows,mostly residential homes with. The state of WV!!


1990 - 1994


Hillsbough High School




Team Building

Very good leader and skilled manager both in the general cleaning and restaurant fields.

Social Media Marketing

Avid Social Media Marketer and own the website

Social Networking

Great Poster almost daily,and good blogger again own a couple blogs myself on being currently building my first Wordpress Blog as of date and will update address soon.


Since 2009, I have religiously own multiple websites and blogs,and several Ebay & Amazon accounts that I am constantly online when home building,tweeking,running traffic to my sites, and working Ebay & Amazon buying & selling weekly..also own an E-Commerce Site!!


Been online for over 15 years and counting..and don't plan on stopping,just striving to become better and more successful everyday.


Over 5 yrs. exp. with outdoor/indoor painting.

Pressure Washing

Over 15 yrs. exp. and one of my special skilled trades that I love.

Window Cleaning

18 Year Veteran High/Low Rise Window Cleaning and current owner of Topp Notch Cleaning and 3 time owner in this business in multiple states.

Sales Management

Would have to say I would have to say I have over 15 yrs. experience in sales management due to the 3 time ownership of several different cleaning companies plus my current positions show that as well.



Gordon Chenoweth

Owner of Diamond Jewelry                                             (304)727-1099

Anthony McKeown

Owner of Arm General Cleaning                                    (304)549-9461

Joe Beam

Owner of  CHR & Several different businesses          (304)755-9437