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Jeremy Ross

Capable team leader performing hands-on production task as a Utility Maintenance Technician  responsible for preforming preventative maintenance  procedures.


Responsible and hardworking warehouse assembler who can collaborate with a team and produce quality work on tight deadlines.

Work experience


Utility Maintenance Technician 

Jacobson Manufacturing
  • Listened to warning alarms and responded accordingly.
  • Repaired and maintained various instruments and test equipment.
  • Informed supervisor of potentially dangerous electrical equipment and faulty instrumentation.
  • Worked with single and three-phase power distribution.
  • Serviced equipment and systems in owned and leased facilities.
  • Regularly updated the maintenance database using computer workstations. 
  • Maintained systems involving hazardous chemicals, gases and liquids.
  • Recommended new equipment and maintenance procedures to the facility manager.

Forklift Operator

Daystar Staffing
  • Unloaded incoming inventory and placed products onto shelves.
  • Processed work orders and prioritized jobs.
  • Handled end-processing of customer orders including hand loading trucks and removing shipping totes from conveyor system.

Installation Technician

Clum Cable
  • Explained company offerings to promote products and services to clients.
  • Installed and removed fiber optic cable systems, including pulling wire, device termination and mounting back boxes.
  • Installed and pulled horizontal station cables and backbone riser cables.
  • Conducted jurisdictional and other required testing.
  • Inspected installation sites to determine material requirements.
  • Operated various vehicles to haul crews and equipment.
  • Placed copper and fiber cables for voice and data indoors and outdoors.

Research and Development Engineering Internship

Aleris International
  • Inspect, interpret, analyze and compile data obtained from material testing.
  • Offer familiarity in basic hand and machine tools.
  •  Support large research projects.
  • Proofread and edit reports, questionnaires and research publications.
  • Perform and document quality control testing.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary work area in accordance with standard laboratory practices and procedures.
  • Proofread and edit reports, questionnaires and research publications.
  • Collaborate with manufacturing and production teams at all levels.
  • Deliver outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Research a variety of materials utilized in production of products.

Braiding Machine Operator

Premier Enterprises 
  • Tend battery of machines that braid yarn into flat or tubular narrow fabrics
  • Creel machine according to work ticket threads yarn through guides, tensions, braiding point round or elliptical hole and tension rollers
  • Start machine laps end around take up roll or places end into receiving
  • Observe braiding to detect breaks in yarn ties or glues broken yarn ends
  • Doff full rolls or cans of braided material from machine
  • Braid jacket around articles, like rope or wire
  • Tend yarn rewinding machine 

Machine Operator

  • Measured and marked dimensions and reference points accurately.
  • Measured instruments to verify compliance with precise specifications.
  • Dismantled and inspected components and adjusted and repaired them as necessary.
  • Fabricated tools, jigs and fixtures to meet manufacturing and engineering needs.
  • Tracked shop cutting tool usage and sharpened and replaced cutting tools.
  • Calculated and set controls to regulate machining factors like part speed, feed, coolant flow, depth and angle of cut and clamping methods.


Progressive Foam Technologies

Read customer, work and shipping order to determine items to be shipped
• Operated forklift and manual pallet jack for moving and storing material
• Sorted and placed materials or items on racks, shelves, and bins in keeping with predetermined sequence
• Filled work orders and requests for materials, tools, or other stock items
• Helped in loading and unloading trucks, checking in merchandise by means of receiving documents
• Documented information relating to receipt, storage or distribution of materials for processing
• Matched and reviewed purchase orders to packing lists to make sure all required items are included


Assembly Line 

Wayne Dalton Company
  • Extensive industrial production experience base
  • Strong familiarity with a variety of shipping containers
  • Exceptional skills in working well in difficult and stressful environments
  • Outstanding strength for standing for extended periods of time and for lifting objects weighing up to 75 pounds
  • High ability to adhere to strict production deadlines
  • Good ability to work independently or as production team member

Machine Operator

Marlite Coorperation
  • Proficiency with packaging machines
  • High aptitude in adapting to other machines, having been grounded on machine technologies
  • Ability to work under pressure of targets and still maintain quality output
  • Exceptional ability in filing progress reports for supervisors
  • Remarkable ability to work with very minimal supervision
  • A knack for machine repairs which always come handy from time to time
  • Strong ability to carry others along and share vital knowledge to the team
  • In-depth knowledge of safety procedures working with machines
  • Exceptional cleanliness in place of work