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Jeremy (Jezza) Sutton

Agile Coach, Product & Project Manager

Using Agile to make your project even better

Rapid delivery of quality software is my passion!

I have over 25 years experience in IT Project Management & Development across multiple industries. Internationally experienced, global manager focused on delivering quality products using Agile and other methodologies.

How I got to where I am today

Over the course of my career I have covered many tasks and roles, starting in the world of the development building quality software in a variety of languages, gaining customer experience running support teams, honing business analysis skills and project management skills designing, specifying and delivering software to find my current love of project management, in particular using Agile. When done right, a good Agile team can deliver astounding results.

During my tenure as a developer, my most satisfying achievement was developing the patsystems Trading API and associated documentation. At one point every trade entered on a patsystems screen was routed through my API so I was mindful of the need for a reliable API and a quality product. I also supported the third party developer community using this API and received many compliments on both the API's ease of use and the quality of the documentation and support.

Further time spent running support teams enhancement my belief that the customer is vital and always deserving to be treated with respect. We are nothing without our customers. Time spent with running global teams and working with off-shore development teams clarified that cultural differences are to be embraced and that good team players are aware of nuances of dealing with different countries.

My true home is in product and project management and in bringing Agile methods to projects. I live on the boundary layer between business and technology where I live to translate business requirements into deliverable product with the help of my subject matter experts, engineers and testers. I am always mindful of the need for this software to not only meet business requirements but eb supportable so the client has the best possible experience. I have found great success in using Agile to achieve this, using Scrum  to deliver a rewrite of a system in 6 months that take 2 years to build and using Kanban to manage releases. IN my most recent position I am using a combination Kanban process, where we again performed a rewrite, this time with the initial viable product released in 3 months with continual releases for the following 6 months, with a major release every quarter and two to three minor releases each month.




University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Computer Science



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