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Born a geek 29 years ago, I have always tried to understand how everything I see works, and how it could be improved. This trait defines me in my career as well. I don't like being static; I love challenging the status-quo (and challenges in general). I love innovating and new technologies.

Human relations based on genuine smiles and respect help me get things done better and faster, by creating an atmosphere that is both fun and professional.

I am good at understanding people, their goals, background and cultural differences, and I use my understanding to build stronger connections and interactions.

What am I looking for: A thrilling position for a workaholic involving product/business/technology in a new, freshly funded startup with a product I can be proud of and passionate about. 

Work experience

CEO & Founder

Sep 2014Oct 2015

Odysense was born with the vision of creating innovative content for the new Virtual Reality (VR) market.  

Early on, we discovered a new 3D Scanning platform. We decided to leverage this discovery, and launched Odysense as a 3D Scanning service provider.  I left Intel to focus on Odysense as the only full-time co-founder.

During our one year run, I led the technology identification and deployment, the website creation, customer acquisition, technical support and scanning operations.

We acquired dozens of customers, and initiated strategic partnerships negotiations with several industry leaders (some are still ongoing with the other co-founders).

Recently, I took the very hard decision to move on due to several reasons. The first being the still very unstable VR roadmap; the secondary reason was the difficulty in achieving a stable and growing cash flow.

DevOps Project Manager

Dec 2012Jan 2015

Our team was a critical element of the R&D center, owning and managing all Build, Source Control, Continuous Integration (and more) methodologies and systems of the Intel Jerusalem R&D teams. 

I led several projects, all related to process optimization and innovation and was placed on a fast-track managerial career path. Among my achievements during this period:

1. Our team gave support to developers using mails. I took the initiative to design a Support Portal that would allow online submission of support requests, tracking, ETA management etc. The tool became a big success, and was adopted by several Intel organisations worldwide. I won a Innovation award for it.


2. Chaos in product requirements, in form of unreadable PDFs, was a big issue for Intel.  I was responsible for defining the product requirement process, translate it to a flow and implement it, to allow a manageable requirement database. The project was a success. The flow and system I defined is now a standard in Intel SoC group.

DevOps Student

Apr 2011Dec 2012

I was hired by the Jerusalem DevOps team with the initial goal of deploying MS SharePoint 2010 as the organisation's collaboration platform.

Although I had no previous knowledge of SharePoint (SP) I rapidly became a campus-wide SP expert, and I created and administered a SP course to accelerate SP adoption. 

I led multiple minor projects, following which I was promoted to a full time position.

Patent Translator

Morningside translations
Mar 2010Apr 2011

In my first (relevant) student job, I was in charge of reviewing highly technical English to French translations of patents, with the goal of finding mistakes and subtle inaccuracies, and correcting them. 

Tank Commander

Mar 2005Mar 2008

I served 3 years in the Armored Corps, first as a Gunner, Tank Commander, and Platoon Sergeant. 

IT Freelance

Jan 2002Mar 2005

In addition to giving lessons and fixing computers, I made my first professional achievement working in a night clinic as a receptionist.

Administration being all paper-based, I took the initiative to model an improved process flow and implemented it using MS Access 2007. The model and system were approved, tested and deployed at the clinic. 
The system was a huge success and earned the clinic the highest regional score in a Health Ministry Audit due to traceable and searchable patients records.


BSc Computer Science

Hebrew university of jerusalem
Oct 2008Aug 2012


New technologies Aquisition

During the course of my career I had to find and learn many new technologies, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Wordpress, MS SharePoint, Jenkins, BI & Analytics, etc. 

As a result, I know that with a bit of time and Google I can achieve a high level of understanding of almost any technology.

The customer mindset

I always try think like my customers, to understand their needs and pain. i.e. UX and UI are the first things I will care about when designing a solution. 

Work ethics

My customer's and employer's trust is the most sacred thing after God. Period.



Hebrew and French: Mother tongue level

English: Fluent


For Fun

Brown Belt (Kyu 1)

Shotokan Karate

An amazing art with many amazing practitioners 


With my dSLR and my 50mm f1.8 lens I achieve very creative compositions and perspectives

PADI DiveMaster


A real passion, it's wonderful, peaceful and beautiful down there


My Intel manager's phone number will be provided on demand