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Work experience

Board Memeber

Board member of charity organization that runs and maintains orphanages/children's centers in India.


Non-Profit Organization
Software Development


Traveling the world for business and ministerial purposes, Jeremiah Yancy has witnessed firsthand the variety of living conditions that exist in modern third world countries. An independent consultant with a concentration in technology and business development, Jeremiah Yancy has assisted in the launch of start-ups and has consulted with established companies in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Capitalizing on the success of his consultancy career, Jeremiah Yancy has acquired the time and means to assist people who are less fortunate. Involved in a number of projects, Mr. Yancy contributes both time and resources to the operation of a children’s center in Andhra Pradesh, India. The facility exists to improve the lives of children through education and exposure to the tenets of Christianity. Mr. Yancy and his wife both volunteer their time and energy there, as well as raise money for its continued operation. They are concurrently working on a project to open a similar children’s center in Romania. Jeremiah Yancy holds a deep concern for the children of India. Dedicated to helping people who are less fortunate, he is in the development phase of producing a documentary filmed over a six-month period on location in India. The film details the plight of people living in extreme poverty and its effects on society. One of the documentary's objectives is to empower media missionaries who will give themselves to the cause of raising real awareness for orphans worldwide. Doing his best to alleviate some of the suffering that accompanies such poverty, Jeremiah Yancy volunteers his time and expertise as a board member for various nonprofit organizations. Through these organizations, Mr. Yancy contributes to the management of two orphanages in India, which house and educate boys and girls from infants to age 15. Through his volunteer efforts, he positively affects children who live in poverty and spreads the message of unconditional love.




Philanthropy, Software Development, Health & Wellness