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Catherine Nofri

“I worked with Jere Clancy when he was Chief Financial Officer at The Workbook. We worked together for almost ten years and I marveled at his creativity and innovation in finance and business coupled with strong people skills and emotional intelligence. I highly recommend Jere as he has a unique knack for taking challenging business concepts and bringing them down to the bottom line that all can understand. A real pleasure to work with!” September 25, 2006 from Jere's LinkedIn Profile

Cheryl Jacubik

"Jere is the most energized finance person I've ever worked with. His financial expertise combined with his drive to make things happen is a winning combination for any organization." April 11, 2009 from Jere's LinkedIn Profile.

Tracy Kuncar

"Jere maintains extremely high standards and always insists on the best - be it from own employees or his vendors. He possesses strong leadership and managerial skills and strives for efficiency. In addition, he has a high-energy personality and warm demeanor that make him easy to work with. He would be an asset to any corporation." September 8, 2006 from Jere's LinkedIn profile.

Tracy Klages

“Jere is a detail oriented manager who has made a lot of improvements and financial savings for our company. He is very dedicated and loyal to the company. He has been a pleasure to work with.” Feb 29, 2008 from Jere's LinkedIn Profile.

Matt Pavledakes

"From tapping the best tools to build a profitable and scalable infrastructure, to turning data into intelligence to make the right decisions, Jere's financial know-how, technology savvy and business acumen keep KLM moving forward. As KLM's first-ever CFO, Jere joined the company and was immediately faced with multiple stakeholders demanding multiple solutions all at the same time. His ability to stay focused on the big picture - and help others do so - is hugely valuable to KLM." March 2, 2009 From Jere's LinkedIn Profile


Milestones, Wins & Successes

Consulting & Volunteer Work

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ERP, CRM & Financial Systems

Work History

Clancy and Co., PLLC Certified Public Accountants

Apr 2009 - Present

Accounting & Finance Professional 

KLM Marketing Services

Jun 2008 - Mar 2009

Chief Financial Officer 


Oct 2007 - May 2008

Finance Director 

Amp'd Mobile

May 2007 - Oct 2007

Interim Director of Accounting 


Oct 2000 - Jun 2006

Chief Financial Officer 

Hollywood Partners,Visionary Brands & Vitafort International

Feb 1999 - Jun 2000


Clancy and Co., PLLC Certified Public Accountants

Jan 1997 - Dec 1998

Auditor & IT Consultant 

Marriott International

Apr 1992 - Jan 1997

Operations Manager & Controller 

Core Competenices

Financial Accountability

• Statement Preparation• Cash Flow Management• Audit Responsibility• Fundraising • Restructuring & Turn-around • Financial Planning & Analysis

Operations Management

• Facilities Management• ERP & CRM Implementation• Acquisition Integration• IT Department• Human Resources• Payroll & Payroll Taxes• Team Building• Myers-Briggs Facilitator

Strategic Planning

• Start-up Experience• Business Development• Marketing Support• Market Development• Partner Contract Negotiations


• Tax Planning• SEC Form 10Q & 10K Filing• Sarbanes Oxley 404

My History

I blame my parents like most children do. I am the child of two CPA's and we were not allowed to go home after school from January until May. Instead we had to go to their office and study or somehow entertain ourselves at a Kentucky CPA Firm. Tax Code is only so fun. My parents could only trick us into the let's put the checks in order game so many times.

The work wasn't that bad. We were paid $5 an hour when we worked and that went a long way in the 70's. At age 10, I was working on Digital Equipment's giant accounting machine which was the size of a refrigerator and less powerful than my cell phone is now. I was working on AP and Payroll. Then the greatest thing happened. The PC arrived and with it Compuserve followed by AOL sucking endless amounts of idle time. Sometime later a browser came out but I missed that until college because I was an athlete and was not indoors again until college.My dad had every business magazine which you could subscribe. At 7, I was reading Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes and all kinds of crazy trade journals such as Realtor, Journal of Accountancy, Contractor, Hotel Business, etc. From an early age, I was curious as to why some people at work were happy and made lots of money and others were always fighting and complaining about co-workers who made more money and did half their job. Ever since, I continually challenge the notion of because that's how we have always done it. There is ALWAYS a different way, you only have to be open to it. As you can imagine, listening to the dinner conversations in our home was like having 25 years of experience under my belt before I ever started my first job. In fact, at my first job, I was expected to know Lotus 123 but I did not. I had to learn it on the fly. Ever since, I vowed keep current with technology. Moreover, I have been a champion and early adopter of technology in the fields of accounting, finance, FP&A, etc. by automating manual processes whenever possible.