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I am an avid user of FreeBSD, an open source Unix derivative.  I recently completed an upgrade from 7.x-STABLE to 8.x.  My primary server acts as a firewall (ipfw), WiFi access point, file server to Windows systems, terminal server, telecommunications hub (via Asterisk), and print server.  In the recent past, it also was my mail server, and web server.

I am active in my community, trying to help make a difference. 

  • I am on the Gilroy Unified School District's oversight committee for a recently passed $150,000,000 bond, which is being used to open a new high school and renovate numerous other schools.
  • I am a member of the City of Gilroy's bond oversight committee for a recently passed $35,000,000 bond to build a new library.
  • I am the treasurer for the parent club at my daughter's elementary school.
  • I am a volunteer for the Gilroy Police Department, helping at local events and assisting  in emergencies.


I am seeking a challenging software quality assurance position which leverages my experience and interest in operating systems and networking.  I have years of experience with testing and writing automated test scripts, and am passionate about systems.

Driven by my strong curiosity, I am a determined, aggresive problem solver.  I am very flexible, good humored, and known for my easy going style, while exceling at my job.  I have excellent written and verbal communication skills; I enjoy working closely with software engineers.

I have been out of the software industry for several years, after taking an opportunity to work with my father in real estate.  My interest in technology has never waned, and I am now looking to rejoin the software industry.

Work experience

Feb 2004Present

Director of Land Development

Pembrook Development

Pembrook Development is a land development company.  We specialize in creating master planned communities in California, which combine housing with schools, parks, shopping, and other amenities to make places where people want to live.

I work on all aspects of development, from the identification and acquisition of land, to the lengthy entitlement process, and through the sales and marketing of a project.  I work closely with teams of consultants, including civil engineers, land planners, biologists, and attorneys, to move a project forward.  I interact with city officials and other stakeholders to ensure a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

As a small company, I am also called on to do many other tasks.  I am in charge of PC, server, and network maintenance, as well as technical support.

Feb 2002Feb 2004

Senior Server QA Engineer

Interwoven made TeamSite, a content management system for corporations. 

I was the lead QA engineer for the TeamSite server, the heart of the system, for both Windows and Solaris.  I ensured that the server performed correctly and quickly under various scenarios, as well as testing new features and filing detailed bug reports, and performing bug fix verification and patch testing. 

The server presents itself through a file system interface and an API that is exposed via command line tools.  I ensured that the system performed correctly and quickly under various load scenarios. I designed and developed automated tests for regression and load testing.

I worked very closely with the development team to understand the architecture of the server and to better know how to test it.

  • Built tools to perform stress testing
  • Design and implement automation of tests
  • In charge of testing for NFS-like filesystem interface
  • In charge of testing for NTFS filesystem interface
  • Find system problems, analyze them, file detailed bug reports, and add test cases to automated test suite.
Jul 2001Feb 2002

Applications Engineer

iReady was developing a TCP/IP offload engine (TOE), to boost network efficiency by building the network stack in hardware.

I designed and implemented a demonstration system to showcase the characteristics of the TOE, such as high throughput, low latency, and low CPU utilization.  I performed demonstrations of the chip to investors and customers.  I worked with the system design team to exploit new functionality as it became available.

Jul 2000Jul 2001

Senior QA Engineer


dotRocket was a start-up designing a web acceleration device.  I was the third employee and the lead QA engineer.

I modified and optimized tools for our testing needs and wrote new tools as needed.  I designed and developed an automated test infrastructure. I determined our QA goals and wrote test plans. I interacted with development team on daily basis to refine software design and reveal important corner cases.

  • Optimized networking tools for out testing needs. 
  • Wrote Perl tools to generate HTTP requests and validate the responses. 
  • Heavily modified C applications, such as wget, to make them partially HTTP/1.1 compliant.
  • Wrote automated tests infrastructure and test cases in Perl, C, and ksh.
  • Evaluated commercial web testing products, and determined it would be cheaper and more flexible to use open source software and custom code.
  • Designed testing infrastructure, established quality goals, and wrote test plans.
  • Hired and directed a QA engineer.
Jul 1997Jul 2000

QA Engineer

QA Engineer on Trusted HP-UX release 10.26.

My group developed, tested, and supported a trusted version of HP-UX.  Before release, I acted as a QA engineer.  I found many bugs, added many test cases to the test suite, and enhanced and fixed other tests.  I worked closely with the development team to analyze and isolate defects.  After the OS shipped, I supported the trusted operating system bu finding and fixing defects, adding new functionality, merging updated software from the base version of HP-UX, and verifying the results.  I also managed support issues for our customer, including reproducing problems, finding the best fix, and releasing patches.

July 1997 - October 1998

My group ensured that a trusted Unix met rigorous specifications.

  • Added many tests cases to testware suite, written with C and ksh.
  • Enhanced and fixed test cases from prior software releases.
  • Worked closely with development team to analyze and isolate defects.
  • Automated operating system installation and configuration of test environment.
  • As a vital part of Trusted OS release, determined whether release criteria were met.

October 1998 - May 2000

Managed support issues for our customer, the US Navy; managed issues, communicated status, and fixed technical issues.

In order to fulfill a client's hardware needs, a very small team integrated many kernel, command, and library patches into OS source tree and produce a stable platform that is now deployed around the globe.

Flexibly and quickly responded to issues in the secure OS, including kernel, commands and networking, to solve customer reported problems.

Responded to customer issues by reproducing problems, followed by systematic debugging and code modifications as needed.

Jun 1996Sep 1996

Software Intern

Designed and implemented a C++ based configuration tool.

Mar 1995Sep 1995

OS QA Intern

My group was creating a POSIX compatible system for Tandem hardware.  I worked on the filesystem test suite, ensuring that the filesystem was POSIX compliant.  I ran, analyzed, and fixed test cases, and I filed detailed bug reports as needed.


  • HP-UX 11.x Kernel Internals (Hewlett-Packard Training)
  • Solaris Internals (Usenix)
  • Linux Internals (Usenix)
  • Windows NT Internals (Usenix)
  • Java Programming (UCSC Extension)
  • Win32 Programming (UCSC Extension)
  • Win32 System Programming (UCSC Extension)

Graduate Work

I completed the coursework necessary for a Master's Degree, but joined the workforce before completing my thesis.  My studies focused on networking and computer security.

Concentration in networking and security.

Researched detection of subverted networking hardware.

Wrote cryptographically enhanced talk program.

Was a teaching assistant for networking course.


  • Cryptography
  • Data Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking

Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate degree with a double major in Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  I focused on networking.


Web Skills
Google, twitter, Firefox,
Interpersonal Skills
I work well with others.
System Tools
gdb, vim, CVS, make, tcpdump, netstat, ifconfig, ssh
Operating Systems
Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, system programming, system administration
TCP/IP, socket API, tcpdump, Wireshark, HTTP, firewalling, security
Scripting Languages
Perl, ksh
Programming Languages
I have used C and C++ for various projects.  I have familiarity with Java.


Andrew Elmore

I worked on QA for various projects on which Andrew was a developer. 

Andrew and I also attended UC Davis together.

Kevin Lahey

Kevin ported the NetBSD TCP/IP stack to the dotRocket embedded platform for which I was the QA engineer.

Ed Caldwell

Ed was a principal engineer on the Interwoven server, for which I was lead QA engineer.

Ed and I also attended UC Davis together.

Erik Gibson

Erik and I worked together on the QA team at Interwoven.