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Work experience

Jan 2014Oct 2014

Acting Head of School

Charles Sturt University, School of Biomedical Sciences

Courses Director

Charles Sturt University

Responsible for academic leadership and strategic planing of courses and curriculum planning with the School of Biomedical Sciences.


Associate Professor in Anatomy & Physiology

Charles Sturt University

Senior Lecturer in Physiology, 2002 – 2008;

Lecturer in Physiology, Oct 1996 - 2001


Sub-Dean (Research)

Charles Sturt University

Associate Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences

University of Sydney

Lecturer in Physiology (part-time)

Nature Care College


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Masters in Higher Education (Leadership & Management), Macquarie University, 2009

Graduate Diploma Further Education & Training, University of Southern Queensland, 1995-1997

PhD, Macquarie University, 1989-June 1993 (conferred 1994) Thesis Title: The role of heat shock proteins in caffeine's embryotoxicity

BSc(Hons), University of Queensland, 1988Thesis Title: The effect of oestrogens and antioestrogens on calcium ion flux in rat myometrium

BSc, University of Queensland, 1985-1987Majors: physiology & pharmacology, Minor: biochemistry

Current research

Understanding the complementary medicine knowledge base of conventional health care professionals.

Use, and attitudes towards, complementary therapies by various health professionals

Biological activities of essential oils esp. those from Australian native plants

Wound healing properties of honey and essential oils

Teaching areas

Evidence based practice in complementary medicinePhysiologyPathophysiologyPharmacology


Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence, 2005

Faculty of Health Studies Award for Research Excellence, 2005

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, 2000

Faculty of Health Studies Award for Teaching Excellence, 2000