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My expertise is offered based on having worked more than a decade in the semiconductor/electronics industry filling various positions ranging from digital frontend design, test automation, ASIC emulation and embedded firmware and FPGA design. The more recent years I have worked as an independent freelance engineer mainly performing embedded firmware and FPGA design work. Strong sides include excellent debugging skills and ability to get complex systems working.


Bit Better Technology
March 2019

Freelance Embedded Software Engineer

Currently writing embedded software for a blue chip company in Copenhagen.

Bit Better Technology
October 2018March 2019

Machine Learning Student

Completed Deep Learning 5 course specialization and Machine Learning course at Coursera. Also did some embedded software maintenance work on old projects.

Bit Better Technology
December 2015October 2018

Freelance Embedded Software and FPGA Engineer

Large Format Scanners - Global Scanning
- Bug fixed and added new features to a range of MicroBlaze/Spartan6/PIC32 based products.

Bit Better Technology
August 2015December 2015

Embedded Software Engineer

AirPlay to Sonos bridge - Bit Better Technology
- Designed and implemented an AirPlay to Sonos gateway that my company was intending to sell.

Bit Better Technology
May 2015 August 2015

Freelance Emulation Engineer

Next generation low power radio SoC - Texas Instruments
- Emulated device on FPGA and performed bring-up together with customer.
- Established working development platform and demonstrated radio link.

Texas Instruments
August 2013December 2014

Embedded Software Engineer

TI CC26xx – Multi-standard low power RF transceiver
- Developed, tested and debugged TI-RTOS drivers (UART, SPI, I2C, DMA, Power) for ARM CM3 CPU.

Texas Instruments
October 2011August 2013

Emulation Engineer

TI CC26xx – Multi-standard low power RF transceiver
- Relocated to California and joined the San Diego LPRF SW team for a 5 month period.
- Emulated full CC2650 device on a low cost off-the-shelf Xilinx FPGA (Virtex-6) kit.
- Established a full development platform based on the FPGA kit with debuggers, sniffers and tracers.
- Demonstrated Bluetooth Low Energy stack running on the FPGA together with TI SMTS.
- Maintained emulation effort and supported various teams (Digital Validation, Firmware, Stack and tools).

Texas Instruments
February 2009October 2011

Lead Test Engineer

TI CC85xx – Wireless audio transceiver
- Designed and implemented fully automated Coexistence and Robustness test suite.
- Designed and implemented fully automated System test suite.
- Implemented various FW drivers and debugged several FW issues.
- Debugged several PCB level issues that affected audio quality.

- Performed APLL characterization together with TI Fellow.

Texas Instruments
February 2007February 2009

Digital Design Engineer

TI TAS4110 – Asynchronous sample rate converter
- Performed all SOC integration and top level DV.
- Designed, implemented and verified IP modules: Arbitrary Pulse Generator, GPIO, GPTimer, I2S, I2C-DMA and PWM
- Responsible for FPGA (Virtex-4) synthesis and initial chip synthesis.

- Established C regression suite for custom CPU.
- Assisted in debugging C compiler and RTL for custom CPU.

Texas Instruments
August 2006December 2006

Graduate Intern

Internship via dual-degree program between Texas Tech University and Technical University of Denmark.


January 2019March 2019

Deep Learning Specialization

Machine Learning course and Deep Learning 5 course specialization at Coursera.

Texas Tech University
January 2006December 2006

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

- Relocated to Lubbock, Texas and studied at Texas Tech University for six months.
- Relocated to Dallas, Texas for six months and wrote master thesis titled: SoC design for an Audio System.

Technical University of Denmark
September 2001December 2005

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Studied Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with focus on digital design and control engineering.


Texas Instruments
October 2012

ACE Award

The Technical Achievement-Creativity-Excellence Award, or ACE award, is a recognition program within Embedded Processing that rewards outstanding technical achievements critical to creating and/or delivering winning solutions to our customer.


Firmware Development

C, MicroBlaze, Cortex-M3, PIC32, Boot loader, RTOS, SVN, Perforce, Clearcase

FPGA Development

Xilinx, ASIC Emulation, Simulation, Synthesis, Hardware/Software debugging

Digital IC Design

VHDL, Design and specification, SoC integration, Digital validation

Test Automation

Continuous Integration, Functional validation, Jenkins, Scripting, Regression


English in full professional proficiency and Danish as a native