B. Jenny Murr

B. Jenny Murr


Aug 2003 - Present

Communications and Information Technology

Macon State College

Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

While maintaining a GPA of 3.84, I participated in many extracurricular activities both on and off campus. 

                                                  Relevant Coursework

  • Microsoft Word; Excel; Access
  • Communications
  • Business Writing
  • Website Design
  • Illustrator/Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Flash
  • Premiere
  • News Writing & Reporting
  • News Writing Practicum
  • Creative Writing
  • Principles of Production
  • HTML


  • Honors Student
  • MSC Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  • President's List, three quarters
  • Dean's List, three quarters
  • Who's Who
  • MSC Arts Alive Literature Competition                  3rd Place - They Which Do Hunger
  • Charter Member Honor Society
  • Outstanding Student Award, Humanities Division
  • Scholarship Recipient for Matrix
  • Outstanding Student Award,                                     The Fall Line Review




Two accounting classes, part of my BA, provided me with the skill to create budget plans, oversee its implementation, and ensure its adherence.g Additionally, my real world experience in creating and overseeing a marketing division for the student newspaper along with my position as Editor of the Literary Journal enabled me to put my skills to use, allowing me to find cutting edge alternatives that allowed me to produce a better product while staying under budget.


AP Style MLA Style Chicago Style


Journalism - New Media - AP Style                        Editing                        Generating Stories                        Content Management        Writing: Hard News, Features, Profiles   Press Releases   Creative Writing - Published in Literary Journals                                Third Place - Poetry

Website Design

CSS, HTML, FrontPage, Dreamweaver

Video Editing

Premiere, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, Movie Maker

Print Layout

InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator

Work experience

Work experience

Editor - Houston County Edition

11th Hour

  • Daily operation
  • Supervise 2 writers and 1 sales exec
  • Photography
  • Cut Lines
  • Community relations
  • Interview subjects
  • Meet deadlines
  • Attend meetings
  • Ad Sales
  • Write articles
  • Copy Edit
  • Photography 
Oct 2009 - Present


Jem Publicity

  • Consult with businesses regarding branding
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Arts
  • Maintain strong relationships with Media
  • Company Representation
  • Press Releases
  • Brochure Content
  • New Media Publicity Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Media Coaching
  • SEO Writing
  • Business Communications
  • Speech Writing
  • Social Networking
  • E-Blasts
  • Web Content
  • Freelance Writing
Jul 2008 - Apr 2009

Editor, The Fall Line Review

Macon State College

As student editor of The Fall Line Review, I worked with Faculty advisors to produce the annual student literary journal.  I increased the visibility of the publication, increased the size of the publication while remaining under budget, and implemented new technology to help manage content submissions. Below is a list of other duties that I performed:

  •         Public Relations
  •         Designed flyers and posters to promote publication
  •         Increased submissions by 50%
  •         Held workshops, critique sessions, and Poetry Slam to increase visibility
  •         Created press releases
  •         Created written communications
  •         Worked with Macon State College faculty advisors
  •         Received advice from MSC faculty advisors on budget, promotion, and publication via                                 meetings and email correspondence
  •         Solicited content submissions for annual literary publication
  •         Increased submissions and participation by 50%
  •         Critiqued submissions
  •         Designed cover for publication
  •         Formatted and insert content into publication
  •         Website management
  •         Created new web pages
  •         Ensured usability
  •         Write new content
  •         Provided links to related literary websites
  •         Posted instructions and educational information
  •         Created digital submission form
  •         Copyedited content
  •         Managed budget
  •         Maximized budget by getting estimates from several publishers
  •         Increased the size of the publication by 16 black/white pages & 16 color pages
  •         Worked with publisher to ensure publication deadlines are met
  •         Planned release party at Barnes & Noble as well as on campus
  •         Publicized release party
Nov 2007 - Jun 2008

Layout Editor- The Fall Line Review

Macon State College

As Layout Editor for the student literary journal, I selected the artwork for the front cover of the 2008 publication. I also completed the layout of the cover and interior of the book, using InDesign.

Below is a list of other duties that I performed:

  •         Solicit content submissions for annual literary publication
  •         Critique submissions
  •         Design cover for publication
  •         Format and insert content into publication
  •         Copyedit content
  •         Work with publisher to ensure publication deadlines are met
  •         Assist Editor with release party
  •         Work with Macon State College faculty advisors
Jan 2006 - Jun 2008

Editor-in-Chief, The Matrix

Macon State College

I began as a writer for The Matrix, MSC's student newspaper. I was promoted to Managing Editor the following year and, finally, I served as Editor-in-Chief of the weekly publication.

As Managing Editor, I designed, implemented, and managed an weekly online publication. 

As Editor-in-Chief, I supervised a staff of 15 and made daily decisions regarding budget and operations. I created a marketing department and we sold $3600 in advertising the first six weeks. We raised $6000 in advertising revenue in approximately 6 months, the proceeds were used to take my staff and advisors to the ACP Conference in New York.

Additional duties included:

  •         Team Leader of 15 person college news staff
  •         Created and implemented marketing division
  •         Increased overall advertising revenue from $300 yearly to $3500 in six weeks
  •        Designed, implemented and maintained website
  •         Work with National Media/Marketing Company
  •         Market newspaper on two campuses and in the Middle Georgia community
  •         Interact with MSC Administration
  •         Create displays on campus
  •         Attend student functions to recruit staff and new readers
  •         Contact community businesses for placement of distribution bins in establishments
  •         Generate story ideas and manage weekly content budget
  •         Manage workflow and layout of the weekly publication
  •         Liaison between newspaper and publisher
  •         Established yearly budget and manage staff payroll
  •         Oversee payment of expenditures
  •         Write articles, editorials and op-ed items for weekly publication
  •         Plan motivational events motivate and increase staff morale
  •         Plan teaching seminars
  •         Teach seminars


2008 - 2010

Arthritis Aquatics Instructor

American Red Cross