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Ability to think strategically and creatively in a solutions oriented environment.Exemplifies and models teamwork throughout an organization.Leverages a company’s resources, creates opportunity for other areas and shares ideas with colleagues.Strong interpersonal and communication skills.Proven ability to exceed growth objectives.

Multi-Million Dollar Contract Negotiations, Corporate Leadership, Diverse Team Development, Innovative Problem Solving, Billion Dollar Plus P&L Management, Strategic Planning, Tactical Execution, Consumer Oriented Design, Retail Link Guru, Optimum Assortment Planning, Supply Chain Efficiency Expertise, Working Import Process Knowledge, Store of the Community Pioneer, Global Sourcing Experience, Analytical Skills

Work experience

Apr 2006Present


·Founded independent retail consulting firm with mission of aiding small/medium sized manufacturers wishing to do or doing business with Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club.

·Develop presentations, products and packaging concepts, recommend operational changes necessary to build business with Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club.

·Represent numerous manufacturers in grocery/hard lines departments at Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, majority resulting in new/additional business.

·Clients include manufacturers in Dept.18 Seasonal, Dept.16 Lawn and Garden, Dept. 84 Floral, Dept.8 Pets.

·Achieved 100% sales increase for one client in less than 6 months of negotiations with Wal-Mart, repairing badly damaged relationship/positioning manufacturer as key design supplier in seasonal department.

·Secured three vendor numbers for clients with Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club during retailer’s clarity initiative.


Merchandise Manager

·Managed/developed eight buyers, five stationed in field.All ranked in top tiers of division.Team awarded three Buyers of the Quarter Awards, 2005.

·Streamlined seasonal/everyday planning in purchasing/replenishment.Successfully reducing errors, supplying vendors/support divisions with plans three months further out increasing overall productivity.

·Created proactive communication program keeping all management/support groups in-sync/efficient during peak seasonal demand.Resulted in first holiday with no logistics/operational issues.

·Effectively directed team exceeding sales/profitability goals in highly perishable division.Energizing the team/instilling a winning attitude.

·Brainstormed with Suppliers to design/implement case ready cut flower program now being adopted by other key retailers.The program reduced waste by 5%, increased sales by 9%.

·Coordinated Suppliers/MLM’s in successful effort to design/implement logistics model.Reducing lead times, improved cost and provided fresher product to end user.

·Organized division in environmental initiatives, people development, financial planning and demographic merchandising.

·Led diverse team of produce buyers in design/assortment planning/execution of high-income store prototype format.Introduced first bulk organic program, convenience modular and impulse merchandisers; all highly regarded by senior management.

·Initiated “Thursday’s with Money” designed to educate/inform division’s associates in current business financials. Program increased associate awareness/morale.

·Selected member of/and active participant in CEO’s Key Leader Meetings, Environmental Improvement Initiative Meetings and Senor VP of Merchandising’s “5th Thursday” top merchants meetings.


Modular Manager

·Worked part time hours while achieving full time manager’s duties.

·Managed up to four perishable categories with three modular drawers.Improved working relationships with Buyers and Category Managers.

·Collaborated with Buyers/Category Managers to develop/implement Store of the Community modulars.

·Developed with Modular Core improved reporting tools, drawing tools, more efficient timelines.Enabled drawers to work more effectively with buying group.

·Initiated quarterly Category Advisors Seminars designed to educate/inform suppliers of current division’s position/future direction.Created opportunities for group to share ideas and exposed group to key senior managers.



Buyer 3- Seafood 2001-2003

·Restructured buying team improving performance/morale/communication.

·Oversaw suppliers in conversion of refrigerated bulk seafood to case ready packaging.Reducing store cost, increasing sales/turns with no operational issues.

·Improved frozen/refrigerated seafood sales by double digit comp store increases/ grew profits greater than sales.

·Key player in first salmon global procurement deal, reducing product cost by over $5,000,000 in first 9 months/ increasing fresh salmon sales by over 200%.

·Collaborated with Suppliers to develop several new WOW items; driving 100%+ sales gains.Designed demographic driven modulars maximizing inventory position.

·Analyzed/changed pricing tactics as needed to compensate for fluctuations in very dynamic commodity.Net effect profitable increase in market share.

Buyer 3- Hardware 1999-2001

·Reduced inventory by $500,000, sku count by 40% in 2.1 turn category while increasing sales by 6% comp first year.Collaborated with Loss Prevention resulting in removal of category from “Top 5 Shrink” list.

·Directed Marketing Department, CTL and Suppliers in design, development, launch of private label hand tools.Sales from private label line drove sales double-digit increases in once underperforming category.

·Consulted on overseas trip with experts/manufacturers to break down component cost. Resulted in significantly lower cost, unbeatable retails, improved profitability.

·Initiated first Buyer/Supplier road trip.Increasing communication, understanding, operational execution and holiday shopping pattern insights.

·Designed creative blitz item; generated highest ever blitz increase for a department.

Buyer 2- Lawn and Garden 1997-1998

·Guided Marketing Department/Suppliers to complete the development/rollout of private label fertilizers/chemicals.

·Enlisted group of Category Managers/Suppliers in design/implementation of first Store of the Community modulars in Lawn and Garden.

·Negotiated with Better Homes and Gardens to market Lawn and Garden Shops through consumer contest/POP materials.

·Influenced Wal-Mart support divisions to create/implement streamlined approach to store specific order writing.


Wal-Mart Education

·Dale Carnegie, Lead First, Six Sigma, Walton Institute, ServSafe, Franklin Covey, Karrass Effective Negotiations, The Birkman Method

·Influencing, Managing Conflict, Managing Diversity and Inclusion, Effective Interviewing, Finance, Category Leadership, Retail Math, etc.


·Recipient of “The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award”


Kenderick Moore

“Jennifer is a passionate and dedicated business professional that expects nothing but the best from herself and those around her. She is an expert in negotiations, P&L's, pricing and cost analysis along with developing and maintaining a great rapport with colleagues and vendors alike. I recommend Jennifer for any business opportunity, and I also look forward to a time in which I will work with her again.”

Mark Krause

“Jennifer Springer is a passionate retail veteran who is strategic, has a drive for perfection and most importantly executes the details. I’m confident she could jump into any retail role and hit the ground running. I enjoyed my time working with Jennifer at Wal-Mart and learned from her leadership.”

John Orendorff

“Jennifer came into Wal-Mart as an intern and successfully navigated her way to the top. Jennifer is extremely focused and a sound decision maker. She has a very "True North" and also has a natural ability to balance firm and fair in her business practices. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer and I would reccomend her for any business endeavor!”

Tim Mika

“Jennifer is a remarkable person! She was responsible for a category doing millions of dollars in sales every year. She took a Male dominated category and opened it up to the Female shopper. She knew her customer. She picked the right mechandise to bring the female down the aisle.ThIs castegory was dying. She revived it. It had 30% to 35% increases under her management. Vendors went to bat for her! She went to bat for them! If I started a business, she would be my first hire. She had a big impact on me. I learned so much!”

Ken Bevillard

“Jennifer is a very creative person with outstanding vision. While working with her at Wal*Mart, she understood her category and the direction the business was going which enabled her to take advantage of opportunities before the competition.”



Syndicated Data
MicroSoft Suite
Expert user of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Pro Space
Wal-Mart's modular planning software of choice.
Retail Link
Wal-Mart's POS Tracking, Supply Chain, Replenishment, Mechandise Planning and Communication System