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Work experience

Nov 2008Sep 2010

Program Developer & Leadership Head

Al Maha English School For Boys
  • Designed and implemented the A.I.M. Preventative Reward & Motivational program which decreased incident reports by 80% over a two and a half year period.
  • Coordinated and implemented student-led leadership projects that empowered and created ownership by students such as student-led school news channel, Olympics break games, student newsletter, etc.
  • Developed and implemented the Four Tier School-wide Student Leadership Program that gave students, from high performing to high need, the opportunity to find their voice and purpose within the school.
  • Designed, implemented and trained teachers to use S.W.I.P. Classroom Management Program.
  • Developed and implemented a positive preventative school behavior management system and policy manual.
  • Helped facilitate communication between school, student and parent by creating an "Educampus" Leadership Blog and parent quarterly newsletter.
  • Integrated brain-based research to increase student motivation and satisfaction.

Program Administrator, Counselor

QCPI Women's Educational Center
  • A dynamic educational center for international women focusing on two departments: The Department of Qatari Language and Culture and The Department of Arabic Studies

    • Responsible for the yearly planning/goal setting and program development.
    • Responsible for reports, statistics, training, evaluations of programs, database, filing system, scheduling and in-service training; reviewed and approved all reports, proposals, budgets and evaluations.
    • Assisted in all curriculum development, implementation, monitoring and student/teacher assessments.  
    • Assisted in the interviewing and training of upper administration, support staff and teachers.  
    • Insured the needs of teachers, volunteers and students were met (including student councils, advisory boards, head teachers and department coordinators).
    • Developed and approved all advertisements, brochures and publications. 
    • Assisted in the interviewing and training of upper administration, support staff and teachers.  
    • Reviewed and approved all reports, proposals, budgets and evaluations.
    • Counseled in the areas of victims of domestic violence, sexually abused women/children, marriage, personal, parenting, academic etc.
    • Public Speaking/presentations at Qatari primary & secondary schools, universities and public relations.
    • Coordinated events: orientation, end-of-term parties, field trips, volunteer night, student festivals, children

Case Manager Coordinator

Volunteers of America Family Center

(Emergency shelter housing program for women and children)

  • One-on-one counseling, case management, crisis intervention, information and referral, screening, advocacy, stabilization, transitional and outreach phase (caseload: 20-25).
  • Conducted interviews, evaluations and assessments targeting individual needs and referring clients to appropriate community resources.
  • Assisted in the development and implementation of a family housing program.
  • Developed and implemented an extensive information and referral database, screening services, statistical analysis data system, client resource directory, and client outreach and stabilization program.
  • Represented agency at community resource meetings (welfare rights advocate, emergency helping agencies, Legal Aid, housing meeting), interviewed and trained both staff and volunteers.
  • Population served: homeless, sexually abused, victims of domestic violence, substance abusers, assault and child abuse, prostitutes, offenders and the chronically mentally ill.

Legal Assistant

Dwyer Simpson Attorneys At Law

  • Prepared cases for attorneys, information gathering, and word processing of correspondence and legal documents.
  • Heavy phone contact and interfacing with clients, witnesses, claimants, physicians and insurance agents.
  • Documenting, scheduling and preparation of exhibits for trials.

Shelter Coordinator, Counselor and Case Manager

West Women's Emergency Family Shelter
  • Case manager with a case load averaging thirty-five individual/families at any given time.
  • Responsible for the coordination and smooth operation of a forty bed Emergency shelter for women and children.
  • Extensive volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination.
  • Supervision of personnel performing intakes, management of building security and maintenance, enforcing shelter policies and procedures.
  • Compiled statistics, program development and implementation, fundraising, community networking and public relations.
  • Performed evaluations and assessment for clients targeting individual needs, referring clients to appropriate community resources. 
  • The population served included women and children who were homeless, victims of domestic violence, assault and child abuse, substance abusers, prostitutes, sexual offenders and chronically mentally ill.

Outreach Coordinator/Social Worker

Mental Health Services

  • Provided case management, advocacy and support counseling services to as many as forty families at any given time.
  • Conducted support groups for mothers and children. 
  • Assisted in research, compiling statistics, case histories, researching funding options, grant writing, public speaking and networking with other community agencies.
  • Trained and oriented practicum students and volunteers.
  • Program served high risk families, most of who resided in Portland Oregon's slum areas. Populations served included individuals who were homeless, victims of domestic violence, sexual molestation, sexual assault, battery , substance abusers, offenders, prostitutes and chronically  mentally ill.

Personal Portfolio

Leadership and Vision Artifacts



The Changing Family: National Conference

American Public Welfare, Seattle, WA

Alcohol Abuse and Misuse: Alcohol 101

State of Oregon Training, Portland, OR

High Risk Intervention (Children)

Mental Health Services West, Portland, OR

Impact of Sexual Abuse on the Lives of Adults

Lutheran Family Services, Eugene, OR


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Al Maha English School for Boys - Doha, Qatar (11/2008 - 09/2010)

Program Developer & Leadership Head

QCPI Women's Educational Center - Doha, Qatar (1997 - 2005)

Program Administrator/Counselor

Volunteers of America Family Center -Portland, OR (1987-1988)

Case Manager Coordinator 

Dwyer Simpson Attorneys At Law - Portland, OR    (1985-1987)

Legal Assistant

West Women's Emergency Family Shelter- Portland, OR (1983-1985)

Shelter Coordinator

Mental Health Services- Portland, OR (1982-1983).

Outreach Coordinator/Social Worker


Innovative, multi-skilled, and energetic professional with the passion to lead a cohesive team of individuals while providing a student-focused and positive learning environment. Demonstrated talent in upholding effective supervision, mentoring students and staff, monitoring curriculum effectiveness, and providing efficient direction.  Visionary leader with the ability to inspire stakeholders by assessing and developing programs tailored to specific needs.  Possesses excellent organizational and time management skills, along with outstanding communication to foster effective relationships with students, staff, parents, and community members.

Areas of expertise includes:

  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Program Evaluation & Assessment
  • Promotion of Positive Culture/Climate
  • Vision Statement & Implementation
  • Research & Data-Driven Programs'
  • Conflict Resolution & Team Building
  • Motivational & Behavioural Programs
  • Budgeting/Proposals/Reporting
  • Leadership Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Educational Leadership Constituents Council Standards
  • Dynamic Educational Programs
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Presentations & Public Speaking

Career Highlights

  • Successfully held solid administrative and leadership roles in education, holding positions that included Program Developer and Leadership Head as well as Program Administrator and Counselor.
  • Decreased incident reports by 80% within a 2.5 year period with the design and implementation of an A.I.M. Preventative Reward and Motivational program.
  • Increased high performing student involvement within the educational community through the implementation of the Four Tier School-Wide Student Leadership program. Integrated brain-based research to increase student motivation and satisfaction.
  • Strengthened faculty training in classroom management through the design, implementation, and training in the use of the S.W.I.P. Classroom Management program.
  • Empowered students and created an environment of ownership by students through student-led leadership projects that included a student-led news channel, Olympic break games, student newsletter, and more.
  • Authored and instituted a positive preventative school behavior management system and policy manual to streamline procedures and ensure a cohesive learning environment for all students.
  • Facilitated effective communication between school, student, and parents through the creation of an "Educampus" Leadership blog as well as a parent quarterly newsletter.
  • Directed the program development and yearly planning and goal setting of a dynamic education center for international women focusing on Language and Culture as well as Arabic Studies departments.
  • Oversaw the scheduling of in-service training, while providing identified reports, statistics, program evaluation, database, and filing system; reviewed and approved proposals, budgets, and evaluations.
  • Conducted faculty training and student workshops in Brain Based Gender Learning (Boys); Promoting A School-Wide Leadership Culture; Parent leadership and positive behavior counseling; Promote Leadership Through Classroom Blogging; Digital Film Making: pre-production, production and post-production; Qatari Culture workshops; Understanding and Honoring Qatari tribal culture; Using Positive Classroom Management tools; Encouraging A School-Wide Positive Behavior; and Sexual Abuse Prevention.
  • Liaised with administration in the development, implementation, and monitoring of program development, and provided student/teacher assessments as required.
  • Assisted in Human Resources initiatives that included the interviewing and training of upper administration, support staff, and faculty members. Ensured the specific needs of teachers, volunteers, and students were effectively identified and met.
  • Counseled in areas of victims of domestic violence, sexually abused women/children, marriage, personal, parenting, and academics.
  • Facilitated presentations at Qatari primary and secondary schools, universities and public venues.
  • Remained highly active within educational-sponsored activities, coordinating events, orientation, end-of-term parties, field trips, volunteer night, and student festivals.

Technological Skills:

 Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint,  Adobe Photoshop, CyberLink Power Director, Prezi, Mind Manager, Adobe In-Design, Internet: Wordpress, Flicker, Educampus Blog.

Special Research Interest

Over the last two and a half years I have had enormous success in improving school moral with elementary-age boys, and this success can has been recognized by students and staff alike: (a) incident reports dropped by 80%, (b)75.6% of students reported that the program had the direct effect of their being “excited to come to school”, (c) 85.4% of students said they “wanted to improve their grades” in response to the program, (d) 77.2% of students were “happier with their teacher” as a result of the changes, (e) 64.7% of the teachers reported that the programhad a “strong impact” on school culture, and (f) 70.6% of students reported being more engaged in class and feeling responsible about their behavior.[1]By channeling a young boy’s innate desire to “save the world(Gurian, 2009, p. 36)” (that’s why they get dopamine rushes from video games) the programs will focus their hormones and prepare them for their future and for responsibility.

[1] Supporting documentation and statistics are available upon request.

Gurian, M. (2009). The Purpose of Boys. San Fransico: Jossey-Bass.

Leadership Vision and Focus

Empowering and Healing Through Leadership

Putting Leadership Principles and Skills into Action

Children and young adults need to feel a sense of purpose and to engaged in meaningful activities that promote self-esteem and self-worth.  This gives them a sense of accomplishment that channels their exciting and wonderful energy.

The leadership program concepts  I have envelope in my programs isn't a gimmick, nor is it full of empty rhetoric. The program weaves the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey's Leader In Me) with Islamic values and work ethics. An important aspect of this program is visibility. In order to validate leadership roles students are encouraged  to blog, and write articles, keep up a weekly newsletter and news channel.

Leadership programs develop and improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes. It helps students set and achieve realistic goals. It encourages students to be personally responsible for their actions. Responsible behaviour is one of the ways that students can be successful through accepting responsibility.

When the youth's powerful potential is ignited in the form of productive, authentic, and purposeful work , then youth will have the opportunity to be an authentic global leader.

Other Interest

  1. Neurobiology research: I enjoy this area especially focusing on  brain based research and neurohormonal development. This area of  research has yielded amazing advances in curriculum/pedagogy based upon a revolutionary new framework to understand and care for the social, emotional and educational needs of boys.(Martino, Kehler, Weaver-Hightower, & Marcus, 2009)
  2. Sexual abuse prevention
  3. Writing
  4. Scrap-booking