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Work experience

Sep 2013Sep 2014


Home Depot

Customer service was always first, and everything else second. That being said, I also handled cashed, helped customers locate product in aisles, as well as keep my work station clean as often as I could.

Jun 2012Jan 2013

Photo Lab Technician


I would handle the technical support of making sure all of the equipment was cleaned and running, filling out photo orders, as well as assisting customers outside of my department to locate product in the store. I also did light janitorial work around the station and electronics and toys departments.

Nov 2009Jul 2011

Game Advisor


I would assist customers with any questions they had about our product, as well as check them out when they were ready to purchase. I handled cash, did janitorial work, and minor fix-ups around the store.


Sep 2008Present

Criminal Justice

Scottsdale Community College

I unfortunately have yet to complete this degree. I was thinking about going back to school once I had a stable job.

Jan 2001May 2004


Tempe Acclerated High School


Phone Know-How
Give me a phone and I will have it figured out in seconds. I've worked with Windows phones, Android phones and iPhones, personally having owned the last two myself. In this regard, I can also use my hands-on knowledge to assist customers with their purchase.
Customer Service
Merited for excellent customer service no matter the job I've held; I've received recognition for it on several occasions and continue to uphold the standard of being able to talk to even the most irate customers in a friendly, calm tone of voice and pleasant demeanor.
Computer work
I know how to work Windows operating systems from '95-Windows 8, troubleshooting minor issues that may occur.