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Work experience

May 2016Jun 2019

Accounting Clerk

Myron F. Steves 

My position was crucial to the accounting department for check payments to be posted on correct accounts and avoid any late fees or cancellations. In order to post the payment in the correct program there was some research to be done along with factual information attached to the check information to apply on account. With research I had to look through programs like... Direct Bill Pro, Concept One, Imageright and occasionally contacting agents in a professionally manner for more info. Through this experience some of the things I grounded were :

  • Deposit checks into Amegy Bank Treasury Gateway through a scanner into the appropriate bank account
  • Issue/print vendor bill checks along with printing for various others in the accounting dept.
  • As a backup of one of my teammates I was educated in processing payable invoices for vendor bill
  • Prep and index daily reports in Imageright for back up and recycle originals within a reasonable time period
  • Shred checks kept for backup after two months
  • Other duties as they become assigned

As Myron F. Steves is being sold to RT Specialty, I was given three months from march to help make the transition smooth and efficiently as possible. 

Supervisor : Erma Daniel                                                      Number: (713)351-8398

Controller : Davidson Daily                                                  Number: (281)380-6376

3131 Eastside St. Houston, TX 77098                          Reason for Leaving : Position I hold will be                                                                                             terminated due to the company being purchased 

Jun 2015Apr 2016

Imaging Specialist

Myron F. Steves

As an Imaging Specialist I was in charge to professionally support all office(s) and team(s) with the scanning of all paper mail and documents. Some of my duties and responsibilities were :

  • Required to show proficiency in scanning to meet quality and service standards
  • Ability to input data into ConceptOne to obtain information needed to index mail to the proper team
  • Ability to input data into Imageright to obtain information needed to index mail to the proper team
  • Ability to lift and distribute large stacks of paper approx 25 lbs or more
  • Maintain the break rooms with supplies and keep them clean
  • Other duties as they become assigned

My goals are to work the fastest most efficient way to finish my daily duties. I take my assignments very seriously and always manage to be prompt and perform each of the essential functions of the job during scheduled hours on a consistent basis. Always very positive and uplifting with my teammates, helpful and with other business associates from the company.

Supervisor : Janie Hernandez                                                        Number: (713)351-8393

3131 Eastside St. Houston, TX 77098                     Reason for leaving : Moved to Accounting Dept.

Jan 2014May 2015

M&J Reflection Studio

Zumba Instructor

As a Zumba Instructor and part owner of the studio I motivate people to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. One very important aspect of my job is to always have to be in a great mood and have professionalism towards my clients as i am seen as a role model and a mentor to them. In this job patience is a key factor because some people learn and develop at different paces. To keep everyone discipline and motivated we host events where each individual is rewarded for their results. We must be friendly and always welcome everyone and treat everyone with respect and integrity.

Supervisor: Martha Cavazos                                           Number- 832-353-6709

14145 Corpus Christi St. Houston,TX 77015

Reason for leaving: Began working at Myron Steves

Aug 2012Dec 2013


Wake Up Now

The marketing industry is a very competitive field to work in, one must have an open mind to learn and always see a way to positively impact someones life. In Marketing and Advertising one always faces many challenges but one must persevere and understand that it's only temporary and always stay optimistic. As a marketer you are considered a brand, a role model not only for your team but the company as well so one must have integrity to always show up to meetings, announcements and events taking place in a timely manner and be willing to travel to learn and earn.

Supervisor Wake Up Now Staff                     Number- Currently out of operation.

 5252 Edgewood Dr Suite 300, Provo, UT 84604   Reason for leaving: Company went bankrupt.

Jun 2011May 2012

Food Service

Tropical Servings

In a very high paced atmosphere , Tropical Servings was a very well known family owned business. Regardless of the many people who applied the owner decided to hire only me. At Tropical Servings I had to make sure the business was running as fast and efficiently as possible and keep it to the high standards of the owner. It was a very demanding job as i had to make sure everything was clean and the customers were satisfied and attended in a timely manner because failure to do so would upset the customers . Here i learned to always be friendly and always show up in a great positive mood regardless of anything and to also know how to deal with angry customers in a very polite and professional manner. 

Supervisor: Bill Burrows                                               Number: 713-451-0742

14241 Alderson Street Houston, Texas 77015              Reason for leaving: Seasonal job

Education & Sports

Education & Sports Achievements

  • Gifted and Talented program- 1st grade though 12th grade
  • Zumba Certified
  • Instructed in Luxury Dance Studio 
  • 3.7 GPA average throughout whole high-school career
  • National Honor Society 
  • Choir choral (best choir)
  • State honors with choir choral and solo awards.
  • Graduated with Honors
  • Owned my first business at 18 . 
  • Recognized in mathematical field.