I am a recent masters graduate of NYU: Steinhardt.  My work focuses on interactive game audio, culminating with my thesis "Exploring Reactive Video Game Soundtracks with JMSL and JSyn", in which I created two games with corresponding lightweight audio engines for the web.

Currently, I am working as a freelance audio designer on oDesk, working primarily as a sound designer for a new kid's MMO.  I'm always on the lookout for new projects.

(Secretly, I'd like to be a professor!)

Work experience

Work experience
May 2008 - Present

Assistant Producer / Sound Designer / Game Designer

SMERC Design, Inc.

As an assistant producer, I am responsible for liasons between programmers and artists, all manner of documentation, and assisting either party in making judgment calls on production and co-ordinating tasks.  I also work closely with QA to ensure that the correct team members are on top of their bugs!

As a sound designer, I have created multiple sound design documents and spreadsheets to assist in the creation of specific sound assets with their relevant uses for the ease of the programmers implementing them.

As a game designer, I have done copious level designing for past SMERC games, including work on Avatar: Path of Zuko, Neopet's Petpet Park, Touchdown Chowdown, and many other Flash/AS3 games for Nickelodeon.  My knowledge of Flash CS3 and XML were vital to assisting in those projects.

May 2009 - Present

Audio Designer / Article Writer


Feel free to hire me on oDesk! :D


Aug 2007 - May 2009

Masters of Music

New York University: Steinhardt

I recently graduating from NYU: Steinhardt with a Masters of Music in Music Technology.  My thesis, entitled "Exploring Reactive Video Game Soundtrack Design with JMSL and JSyn", was my culminating work in a new method of lightweight interactive audio design for the web using Java, AS3, JavaScript, and HTML.

You can find out more about my work at



Game Design

I have designed and fully implemented two games myself (, but also have experience assisting with designs on other teams, whether for licensed titles or independent IPs.

Audio Design

I have designed sounds for games - and created concise documentation as well - over the past few years.  I am working on a new game at the moment!


Applets with JMSL/JSyn

ActionScript 3

Music Composition

I have been writing music for many years now, but I have been sharing my most recent work on MySpace as of this year.  Feel free to listen:


I have created multiple sound applications and compositions in Max/MSP.  I particularly enjoy algorithmic composition, and have studied under Robert Rowe and Joel Chadabe.