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I am a small town girl from Sisters, Oregon wanting to try city life. I have always been an avid horseback rider competing since I was 6 years old. I am starting off my career diving into as much experience I can fit into my schedule at the University of Oregon. I one day will become VP of Corporate Communications at a company, not positive what particular field yet. I enjoy challenging myself and taking opportunities to try something new whenever I can. I hold attitude and manners of others above all else. My father always told me, "No matter how you were raised or what is going on in your life at that moment, there is never an excuse to be rude." Learn more about me and what I care about on my blog: 

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Duck Caller

Annual Giving Project

Contact University of Oregon alumni and update their information, communicate on what the university is doing currently and accept donations to all academic departments on campus. 

Jan 2011Present

Account Executive

Allen Hall Public Relations

A student run PR agency working with real clients. I personally worked on the Fred Meyer account and created media lists, pitched stories to multiple news outlets in the Northwest and was onsite help with events. 

I have been chosen to be on the management team of AHPR for 2011-2012. I will be the Business Services Director and will control the budget for the entire agency, work with clients on payment, and create guidelines for all parties involved to follow. 

Mar 2009Sep 2010


Bronco Billys Ranch Grill and Salon

I take customers orders in a timely matter, usually 5 + tables at a time, and program it into a computer system, while maintaing a friendly a personable experience with all patrons. 

Jan 2010Jun 2010

News Broadcaster

DuckU Sports

Find interesting sports stories on the University of Oregon campus, interview athletes and coaches, edit stories and produce a news show every week. 

May 2005Sep 2009

Horseback Tour Guide

Black Butte Stables

Accomodate a range of different riding skill sets on horseback tours anywhere from 30 minutes-4 hours. I ensured their safety and their enjoyment while caring for the horses needs as well. 


Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Arts

University of Oregon
Sep 2004Jun 2008

Honors Diploma

Sisters High School




After taking the Gallup Strength Finder Test I found out one of my top assets I can bring to a group is context. This means that I enjoy researching and learning history, that being of a nation or a company. I can apply the past to the future and try to predict the future effectively. 
After taking the Gallup Strength Finder Test I found out one of my top assets I can bring to a group is being positive. I can find the silver lining and can keep spirits up during a difficult time on a project.
After taking the Gallup Strength Finder Test I found out that my number one asset I can bring to any group dynamic is that I am a competitive person and will always strive to be the best at whatever I try.