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Staff Improvements

I think that our writing has gotten much stronger throughout the year. We started off having very weak writing but we have picked it up. Now the writing goes with the design of the newspaper. The staff has gotten better about not being as clicky. I think that the Texas trip has helped a lot with the girls being more comfortable with each other. Pictures have improved a lot. I think we have gotten out of the mode of taking the same old pictures over and over. Graphics have become great too. They are more intricate and more appealing to the eye. Its not the boring box and some pictures. Our cut outs are cleaner and more sharp. Theres not weird little pieces of wall sticking out of the head or the foot. Our pages are a lot cleaner and more advanced. I think that the students and teachers like that the new design. It seems that the staff is improving more and more. I think that that finally the staff is getting to where we need to be. We have improved so much and I know that we will improve more during the rest of the year. I have a great staff to work with. 


I play volleyball and right now I am playing club because the girl season has ended. I go to the guys open gym to help out and also get better because their nets are higher so it makes me jump higher. 

Goals for Second Semester

My goals for next semester is to get my articles done and turned in at the right due date and also to get more ads. I’m going to make sure that pages won't have stupid mistakes on them like making the picture fit the frame. Or a line through the middle of the page. I also want to make sure that I don't procrastinate so that I’m turning my work in on time and that I’m not trying to rush to finish and not have the best work that can give. I want to push myself harder so that I get in a mode of finishing on time. 


I'm great at doing layout designs. I know more than most of the staff. 

Highlight of my Semester

When we went to Texas. It was great not being the only one. I learned a lot more.

Personal Initiative

To push myself I would design more than one page and help out with other pages so that I could challenge myself. I also worked hard in making sure that my page was done on time. I think to I went out of my way to make sure that people know what they need to know about page designs. Last year I was new and I didn't know what I know now. I feel that I’m here to teach the newer students who come in, what I know so that work gets done faster. I feel that is how I have pushed myself.