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Jeison Higuita is a passionate software developer with over 5 years of experience in high quality web development, but also with many more years as geek and code lover. He has experience solving complex problems based on quality, scalability and performance. Every day he focuses on personal and professional development, trying to improve his skills by learning from his team, lectures, tech communities etc. For he will generate a great impact in the company in which he works. He aspires not only grow the company, but also to grow along with it. he has worked with both large and small teams around the world, from both on-site and remote locations.

Work experience

Sep 2018Present

Software Engineer
  • I'm currently working on Android Application for Sweetgreen using React native heading all challenges involved like performance, animations, UX, etc. 
  • Implement a GraphQL server for consume/hydrate the API data and third party services for Sweetgreen
  • Worked implementing the website, using a complex javascript environment with Contentful, GraphQL, React/Gatsby, React Emotion, Serverless.


Feb 2017Aug 2018

Senior UI Developer

  • Worked in a massive redesign  using  React/MobX/Webpack for ESPN.
  • Developed UI React components for the platform.
  • Help to develop a parser API consuming third party server and hydrating the data.
  • Help to implement a NodeJS Backend for Frontend server.
  • Help to implement React/Nextjs enviroment for another team.
  • Mentoring about UI technologies for the new team members.
  • Developed fully functional responsive and mobile first prototypes based on Business Requirements.


Dec 2017 Aug 2018

Freelance Developer


Provide solution for multiple clients using a Javascript enviroment (React, React Native, Node)

Jul 2015Oct 2016

Frontend Developer

Platzi Inc (YC 2015)
  • Developed new features on web application using React/Redux.
  • Developed fully functional responsive and mobile first prototypes based on Business Requirements using HTML/HTML5, Stylus (CSS pre-processor).
  • Implemented the best frontend developer environment for production and develop using Webpack.
  • Improved the performance using Inline Critical Path, Lazy load, Service Workers.
  • Designed and implement render server in Backend for Frontend NodeJS server.
  • Worked with third party services as Stripe, Bitmovin, Mediastream,  Facebook API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API.
  • Designed architecture solutions for web applications based on the most optimal patterns and algorithms.
  • Designed UI and API for livestreaming and VoD services with DRM support using third party service Bitmovin.
  • Give support for most used browsers as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • Developed optimal React Components for complex problems.
  • Massive refactoring code moving web applications from Backbone architecture to React with Flux architecture. 

Project:  Platzi


Feb 2014Jul 2015

Software Engineer/ Co-founder

Workep Inc.
  • Developed and designed architecture solutions for frontend application using React/Flux.
  • Developed custom solutions for work with third party API's.
  • Developed fully functional responsive prototypes HTML/HTML5, Stylus (CSS pre-processor).
  • Gave support for most used browsers as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • Took decisions about web app engineering based on  Business Requirements.
  • Create API for consume and manipulate data with NodeJS and MongoDB
  • Deploy and integrate the code base to AWS services as S3, CloudFront, API Gatway


Jul 2014Jan 2015

Software Engineer

Innventto S.A.S.
  • Developed backend solutions using Ruby on Rails
  • Worked with relational database mySQL
  • Developed Frontend solutions using HTML5/SASS(CSS pre-rpocessor) and Javascript.
  • Refactored code for be it most scalable and useful.



Jan 2014Dec 2015

Software Engineer and Researcher

National University of Colombia, Group GUIAME
  • Developed new features on web application using React/Flux architecture.
  • Developed Rest API using NodeJS with MVC express.
  • Worked with no relational database MongoDB.
  • Developed fully functional responsive.
  • Researched about math solutions with code usign Math.js and Mathlab.
  • Worked with custom wysiwyg editor.



Best article published in LACLO 2015



Software Engineering

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Worked on researching.
  • Participated as contestant in ACM Regional South America 2 times.

Technical Skills


4+ years

React Native

1 year


1 year


3+ years
Javascript 4+ years
MySQL 2 years
HTML5/CSS3 4+ years
Git 4+ years

PHP - Yii Framework

1 year

Ruby on Rails

1 year
SCRUM 4+ years