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Professionally Trained Community Interpreter
Working language: Spanish

Educational Philosophy

There is a certain art to teaching that takes a unique form when applied to the field of foreign language. Conveying a new language to students requires tact and stealth in order to capture and maintain active student participation. The marriage of pedagogy and personal style can create an experience out of foreign language learning for the student—which is the most important goal I have as a foreign language instructor.

            Every student has a singular chance to feel like they can achieve at learning a foreign language from the start, because there is no pre-conceived fallacy about being “bad” or “good” at it. To capitalize on this opportunity and carry it through middle and high school is part of the mission to impassion every student for learning a foreign language. Intrinsic motivation is the only way to guarantee a student’s success. Learning foreign language is not about how great a teacher one is, it’s about how avidly the students are seeking the knowledge. That being said, one amazing feature of foreign language is that it connects to a different cultures—different worlds! Any student can appreciate something about the customs, lifestyle, food, or geography of another people. The more interested they become in the culture of the target language, the easier it will be for them to be self-motivated to learn the language. It is my job to merely provide the means for the students to discover their internal incentives and turn it into enthusiasm in the classroom.

            Similar in importance to the intrinsic motivation theory is the schema theory. This is a legitimate claim that students will feel comfortable and animated about receiving and providing information about a subject if they have existing knowledge of the topic. The beauty of language learning is that the students already have a lot of experience with speaking, reading, listening, and writing in their native tongue! As a foreign language teacher, I have to show the students that they cannot take their ability to do these things for granted. The expertise and the long-developed skills of communication they have in English are the perfect channel to proficiency in a foreign language. 

Courses Taught

Spanish Level I 


Jessica Hullar 

[email protected]

(315) 335-7548

425 Post Street, Apartment 3

Boonville, NY 13309


BA, Spanish/ Certification in Adolescent Education

December 2010

SUNY Geneseo

Studies in Spanish

Spring 2009

Nacional de Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica


New York State Initial Certification in Spanish Education [Grades 7-12] February 1, 2011


Spanish Teacher                               South Lewis Middle School, Grade 8

September 2011-Present                  Turin, NY

-Instruction and assessment of Spanish I: Checkpoint A NYS curriculum

-Administration of NYS Second Language Proficiency Equivalent

-Completion of professional duties and professional development


Spanish Long-Term Substitute            Whitesboro Middle School, Grade 7

January 2011-June 2011                   Whitesboro, NY

-Introductory grammar, syntax, vocabulary, conjugation and pronunciation instruction

-Development of weekly differentiated lesson plans, and student assessment

-Modification of curriculum through implementation of IEP and 504 plans


Student Teacher                                 Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School, Grades 7, 9, and 10

November- December 2010               Honeoye Falls, NY

-Completion of solo teaching responsibilities

-Construction of unit, including lesson plans, assessments, and differentiation

-Production of professional portfolio


Student Teacher                                 York Central School, Grades 7 and 9

September- October 2010                 Retsof, NY

-Interpersonal relationship building with middle/high school age adolescents, including students with special needs (IEP’s, 504’s, Asperger’s Syndrome)

-Creation of technology-integrated lesson plans for SMART Board

-Incorporation of cultural concepts into daily classroom activities


FLES Teacher                                     St. Agnes School, Grades K-6

Fall 2009, Spring 2010                     Avon, NY

-Responsible for preparation of lesson plans and instruction of basic target language concepts

-Implementation of classroom management strategies

-Complicity with the New York State and Diocesan standards

Skills                                    Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, SMART Board

Language Skills: Verbal and written proficiency in Spanish.

Professional Development: “Differentiated Instruction;” Completion of Safe Zone Training;

Effective Teaching Workshop

Professionally Trained Community Interpreter (Working Language: Spanish)


Member of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers

Member of Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society


Available upon request. 

Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Spanish Teacher

South Lewis Central School
Jan 2011Jun 2011

Spanish Teacher

Whitesboro Middle School


Jan 2013Present

Master of Science

SUNY Albany
Aug 2007Dec 2010

Bachelor of Arts

SUNY Geneseo


Feb 2011Feb 2016

NYS Initial Teaching Certification

NYS Education Department