Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2011 - Present

Chief Underwriting Officer

Africa Trade Insurance

Africa Trade Insurance Agency ("ATI") is a multilateral institution, an initiative of the World Bank and COMESA. The main shareholders are 10 African countries and the African Development Bank. Our mission is to attract investments in our member countries and to facilitate trade with and within these countries by offering political risk and credit risk insurance. ATI has a S&P rating of A (stable outlook)

I am in charge of all the operations, including product development, marketing, sales, credit, account management, administration, reinsurance, claims and collections, risk management.

Nov 2010 - Nov 2011

Integration Manager


Credendo is a Belgian, government owned,  credit insurance group. It combines insurance activities with state guarantee with private insurance activities. It has subsidiaries and branches in France, Germany, UK, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria and Switzerland. It has an annual turnover of more than 300 Mio Euro.

In this  role I was in charge of the alignment and integration of the different entities of the Group, with a focus on the products, processes and applications. I was working mostly in  the Czech Republic and in Russia.

Feb 2010 - Nov 2011

Member of the Board of Directors

Kupeg Uverova Pojistovna

KUPEG is a Czech credit insurance company, former subsidiary of the state owned EGAP. Credimundi has the majority since April 2009. As non executive director I was mainly in charge of  an ambitious change management  project. We transformed this previously autonomous entity into an efficient subsidiary that is fully integrated in Credendo Group. This role started while I was in Credimundi and expanded in my new position at Credendo.

Sep 2009 - Oct 2010

Head of Underwriting and Credit Information


Ducroire / Delcredere (now: Credimundi) is the Belgian subsidiary of ONDD (now: Credendo) that manages the short term credit insurance business of Credendo Group. It is market leader in Belgium

I was in charge of the day to day management of the risk underwriting, bonds and information departments. The main task was to transform a purely local operation into an international structure that worked in an integrated way with its foreign branches and subsidiaries. This included a redefinition of the processes, the quality standards, the IT applications...

I left this role to create a new position in Credendo,  the mother company of Credimundi

Oct 2003 - Jun 2009

Regional CEO Asia

Euler Hermes credit Insurance

Euler Hermes is a credit insurance company that insures larger companies against the risk of payment default of their clients. Euler Hermes is S&P AA- rated, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and part of Allianz Group. The premium income was 2.1 billion EUR in 2009. It is Nr.1 worldwide with a market share of 35%.

In was in charge of the 3 insurance companies (Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo) and the teams that depend on them ( Taiwan, PRC, Korea, Thailand, India, UAE). My mission was to develop credit insurance solutions and to manage the credit risk exposure of Euler Hermes in all the countries with a mature economy, to generate an annual growth of minimum 30% and to be profitable. I was actively involved in the development and implementation of business plans for India, China, Japan, Vietnam and the Gulf. In 2008 we generated an income of about 40 Mio EUR and we employed 180 staff spread over 12 countries.

I decided to leave Singapore for family reasons and subsequently I left Euler Hermes.

Jan 2000 - Jun 2009

CEO Singapore Branch

Euler Hermes Credit Insurance

My mission was to set up an insurance company and to develop credit insurance in ASEAN countries, either directly or through local partners.

Because of other problems in the group the support and controls were minimal. After a difficult start ( internet bubble, SARS...) the company made a first profit in 2003 and operated in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

I combined this responsibility with my regional role till the end.

Jan 1997 - Dec 1999

Operations Director

Euler Hermes Czech Republic

At the time this was a joint venture of Euler Hermes and Ceska Pojistovna,  a local general insurer. I started as the first employee of this company. My mission was to represent the interests of Euler Hermes in the management, to transfer the know how from Belgium to the new team, to build the risk database and the risk underwriting capacities. The company reached break-even during the second year and was profitable from then on.

I this period I was on the Supervisory Board of a credit insurance company in Hungary.

Aug 1990 - Dec 1996

Human Resources Director

Euler Hermes Belgium

The company was independent when I joined and my mission was to support its international expansion. I participated in the due diligence for acquisitions and eventually was in charge of the integration of London Bridge Finance, a department of Hill Samuel Bank that we converted into an insurance company.  After 2 years the company was sold to the later Euler Hermes and the expansion was restricted to the Netherlands and later Czech Republic. London Bridge Finance was sold to Coface, a French competitor.

Besides Human Resources I was also in charge of the logistics (building, car fleet, general administration) and I managed a major renovation of our offices in Brussels. I acquired the insurance expertise through the participation in the management board, in the board of our Dutch subsidiary and in strategic projects.

Jan 1986 - Jul 1990

Human Resources Manager - AVP

JP Morgan Belgium, Euroclear

JP Morgan was a commercial bank, but at the same time it operated Euroclear (now an independent bank), the world’s biggest clearing house for internationally traded securities. Both entities combined employed 800 staff. I worked for both business units

16-01-1986 – 31-12-1987: Human Resources Development

Training, performance appraisals, succession planning

01-01-1987 – 31-07-1990: Human Resources Manager

Same as above, plus recruitment, management of (about 80) expats and international projects, including a major reorganisation at JP Morgan in Paris and the development of new training modules.

Jun 1983 - Jul 1986

free lance

In agreement with my employer, I worked during the weekends in recruitment and management training for De Witte & Morel (now Hudson), a leading human resources consultant in Belgium.

Jan 1983 - Jan 1986

Human Resources Manager

Pioneer Electronics Manufacturing

This Japanese Group had a manufacturing plant for Hi Fi and car stereo, employing up to 450 people. I was human resources manager and also Department head for safety andsecurity. My main achievement was the preparation of a major reorganization of the management and later the preparation and implementation of the lay-off of 150 blue collar workers.

01-01-1983 –30-06-1983: Training and Security

01-01-1983 – 15-01-1986: Human Resources Manager

Jan 1978 - Dec 1982


Guidance centre for Handicaped (Gewestelijk Consultatiebureau voor Gehandicapten)

This was a small non profit organization.

My main responsibility was to test handicapped people and to propose solutions for their reintegration in a normal life and work environment. My main achievement was to broaden the action radius and to provide HR support to sheltered workshops for the handicapped in the region.

This period was interrupted by my National (Military) Service

Jul 1975 - Sep 1976


State university Gent, Department of Applied Psychology

I conducted seminars for students Industrial Psychologu and participated in some research



Doctorat 3e cycle

Universite Paris V
Oct 1969 - Sep 1973

Master Industrial Psychology

State University Gent



Credit and political risk insurance

Having experienced a few economical cycles in 3 continents, I start to understand the way to assess risk, adjust policy wording, manage potential claims and reinsurance, and ensure the long term relationship with strategic partners

change management

In the 30 years of my professional career I have have been involved in 7 major reorganisations. The focus was more on the implementation: negotiations with unions, communications to the staff, control of the related budgets. However, in order to be credible and to make sure that each operation delivered the expected results I had to involve myself in the operational issues, the workflows and the business  itself. Over the last years the focus was more on growth and on adapting a young organisation to the changes that rapid growth and a changing economy bring along. This year I'm adding a more academic knowledge via seminars and projects.

project management

I am not a six sigma black belt, but I have been in charge of complex projects where I had to work with highly skilled specialists. My qualities in this area are: - I keep the broad picture in mind and any moment - I can simplify complex issues without bias - I am very good at summarising, reporting, and moving to the next step - I can handle emotional and conflictual situations - I can recognize mistakes (my own included) and correct them in time - I'm good at cost control

market entry strategy

Looking back, the most important decisions I made were related to the way we had to adapt our product, distribution channels, partnerships, corporate structure... to the specific features of a new country

management training

Mainly as consultant and at JP Morgan, I did a lot of training myself: communication skills, interviewing, leadership. I don't do training anymore, but I'm heavily involved in training design for my teams.

financial analysis

Credit insurance is all about the assessment of creditworthiness of companies. I was in charge of risk underwriting during the 3 years in the Czech Republic, and after that I supervised the activity and I remain involved in important cases.