I am a highly motivated young man.  I am just getting started in life but, I am looking to build a better future for myself and the world around me. The tools I use for this task are had work, determination and, the overwhelming desire to be successful. I do what ever it takes to reach my goals which I set for myself regularly. 

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2015 - Feb 2016

T-Mobile Sales

T-mobile USA

- Assist every customer 
- Open new personal and business accounts
- Hit Strict Quotas and Goals
- Teach and Train fellow coworkers for better team success
- Maintain a Clean and stocked store

Aug 2013 - Feb 2015

Shoes Department Manager

Dicks Sporting Goods 

- I was in charge of a team of individuals ranging from 3-6 at any given point
- Manage and maintain Stocked Department
- Maintain Customer Flow and Satisfaction
- Maintain the Store as a Whole when Assistant Managers Absence
- Control Customer Flow through the front end checkouts
- Assistant Manager in Training

Sep 2011 - Aug 2013

Electronics Sales


- Help out in other departments as needed
- Manage and maintain Stocked Photo Lab and Electronics Department
- Maintain Customer Flow and Satisfaction
- Cash Handling and Loss Prevention
- Control Customer Flow through the front end checkouts
- Up Sell our items to promote a better business


2013 - Present

Computer Information and Repair

Shasta College

everything computer repair related from building and repairing hardwar to debugging and virus removeile of the software

Jul 2014 - Dec 2014

Sales and Mindset


The Straight Line is a sales technique that Jordan Belfort created on Wall St and implemented in his business to build one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Wall St history.

It is a structured set of guidelines on how to navigate a sales conversation. It’s elegant and simple, but best of all it de-mystifies selling by teaching a syntax of what’s required and when, in order to close the sale.

The Straight Line involves creating absolute certainty in a prospect’s mind about three key things: the product, the salesperson, and the company. Certainty must be created on both a logical and emotional level – at the same time. It provides guidelines and checkpoints so salespeople can, in the moment of a live sale, analyse the situation – evaluate their progress and implement a range of pre-prepared tactics and very well developed language patterns. This is a sophisticated, yet simple and elegant process which will move a prospect ‘down the straight line’ from the ‘open to the close’.


  • Thomas Lewis: Friend/ Ex Co-worker
    Job Title: Work Station Specialist, Tehama County Department of Education
    Phone: (530) 604-9222  
  • Nathan Wallukait : Manager
    Job Title: Assistant Manager Dicks Sporting Goods
    Phone: (530) 262-0072
  • Jed Smith: Manager
    Job Title: T-Mobile Store Manager 
    Phone: (503) 914-8302