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Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Sales Associate/Stocker


    I am an overnight stocker.  I stock products on the grocery side usually, unless they need help on the gm side.  I also unload trucks with a pallet jack and sometimes need to use the power lift to get pallets from the bins.  I transferred here from the Waveland, Mississippi store last summer.  I was born and raised in Pinconning Michigan, but have had to move out of state for work on three different occasions in my life.  I worked in the meat department at the Mississippi store for almost a year and got an exceeds on both of my evaluations.  I am still currently employed full-time on third shift, but would like a day position so I can spend more time with my children.

    My assistant managers are: Kiki and Eddie

Feb 2007Aug 2007


LaFontaine Construction

    I built houses from the ground up.  I did forms for foundations, poured the foundations, framed in the house, did windows and doors, siding, roofing and some finish work.  I ran a man-lift and scissor-lift when needed.

    I made good money but they didn't work alot of hours and didn't have any benefits, which is why I got into Wal-Mart so I would have a job here when I moved back.

    My foremans/owners were: Jim Sr., Jim Jr., Shane, Corey and Craig

Oct 2005Feb 2007


Quality Craftsman

    I built houses from the ground up.  We did foundations, framing, doors and windows, siding, roofs, drywall, insulation, and some finish work.  I ran the skytrak (forklift) and man-lift when needed.  I was also put in charge from time to time over the rest of the crew when the boss was gone.

    My foreman/owner was Dave Jacobson

Oct 2005


Valley's Food Center

    I cut meat, waited on customers, and stocked the shelves, meat case, coolers and freezers.  The owner and one other guy would cut the steaks usually and I would cut up striploins, porkloins, ribs, roasts and chicken.  I also learned how to stuff brats and polish sausage in the casings.  I also ran the grinder to grind up breakfast sausage and hamburger.  I learned how to do the fabulous butchers wrap and there were several cleaning duties involved.  Occasionally I would have to do some minor maintenance, such as change the blades on the saws and disassemble and reassemble the parts for cleaning.  We also had to do some painting when we were slow.

    My boss/owner was Louie


Sep 1983Jun 1988


Pinconning High School

    I attended from 8th grade through 12th grade and recieved my diploma.  I passed 47 of the 48 credits available!  My strongest subject was math.

Sep 1987Jun 1988


Bay-Arenac Skill Center

    I learned how to do precise tool and die work on lathes and mills.

    My teachers name was Mr. Loper


    My objective is to advance in my career as far as I can and be the best possible worker that I can.


    My biggest interest outside of work is playing guitar.  I am a self-taught guitarist (again I am very mechanically inclined) and have been playing all of my life.  I get alot of satisfaction and enjoyment out of it.

    I also like to go camping, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, boating, playing pool, foosball, chess, watch movies, and watch and play sports. 

    I am an all around people person and enjoy meeting new faces.


    Hi, my name is Jeff.  I am 39 years old and have experience working with fresh meats and other products.  I am a hard worker and very dependable!  I worked for Valley Food Center in Pinconning two different times where I learned how to cut some meat and stuff brats and polish sausage in the casings.  I also worked for Wal-Mart in the meat department in Mississippi before transferring back to Michigan.  I am very mechanically inclined and learn fast.  I am willing to take whatever measures necessary to learn more about the meat industry, whether it be more schooling or additional training.  My manager in the meat department at Wal-Mart did show me some of the skills and responsibilities of being a lead/manager.  Often he would assign me to do some of his tasks for him, because he trusted in me, such as; price changes, throw aways, inventory and other various tasks.  I have done construction work on and off my whole life, so there is no piece of equiptment I can't run or learn how to run.  Safety is a must and always comes first and I still have all of my fingers and toes to prove it. 

    I am a single parent of three boys and it is a struggle on one income, which is why I have been applying for a second part-time job.  However, I would rather find a job that pays well enough to totally dedicate my time to such as this one.  I am always trying to better my job status for my future and the future of my children and I will continue to do so!

    I am honest, kind, cosiderate and trustworthy and easy to get along with.  I work well with others and also well on my own.  I don't have any management experience because I've never wanted to be "the bad guy" and have to scold anybody, but times are tough and if that's what I have to do to make better money then I don't have a problem with that.  Like I said, I am easy going so I would always practice a friendly approach no matter who it is and what the situation is.  I learn fast and promise I won't disappoint you!

    I have been working hard my entire life and would love the opportunity to benefit your company any way that I can!!


    I can run and hand tool or power tool you give me.  I am very skilled and cautious when using them.  I do precise work and take alot of pride in my work.  I am always looking to learn how to use more tools and equiptment also.
I have worked for several companies in many occupations and still have all of my fingers and toes.  Safety is my number one priority!! 
Customer Service
    I have been working with the public all of my life.  Whether it was in the meat industry, restaurant business, or doing construction work.  I am very friendly and can talk comfortably to customers and other associates.  I have alot of knowledge and I am usually able to help every person I come in contact with.  I can also sell a product to almost anyone!  I have a good pitch when it comes to that.
Meat Department
    I am more advanced than most people when it comes to learning and being mechanically inclined.  I have at least five or six years experience working in the food industry.  This would include working for Valley's Food Center, Wal-Mart, and for Charbonneau's Restaurant.  I know about the safety of food (raw and cooked) including the danger zones of the necessary temperatures to keep them at.  I am also a decent cook and know how to prepare most meats and the different types.  I am very helpful when it comes to customer service!