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Jeffrey W. Ouellette

Built Asset Industry Technology & Culture Progress Advocate


Melding end user experiences, expectations, and needs with market trends and software development strategies to create product messaging and enable its deployment.

Accomplished communicator skilled in delivering information in many different formats, from print to web, video, and live presentations.

Highly adaptable with broad experience in a variety of businesses, roles, and projects, internationally and domestically, building and strengthening relationships between stakeholders and across organizations.

Extensive experience with, knowledge, and demonstration of practical industry technologies and processes.

Evaluation, development, and deployment of tools and processes aimed at improving team output quality and operating efficiency.

Work experience

SEP 2016Present

Progress Advocate


An independent consultant for the built asset industry, focusing on clients with openBIM® needs, including technical, process, and organizational issues. 

SEP 2018Present

ISG Manager/Chair and Technical Consultant

buildingSMART International (bSI) 

Continuing role as the Chair of the bSI Implementation Support Group, but as a function of bSI management instead of being a vendor representative. Also assisting bSI and its staff in creating and executing a strategy for the broader digital communications and operations footprint.

JUL 2012AUG 2018

Sr. Architect Product Specialist, Product Marketing

Vectorworks, Inc.

As a Senior Architect Product Specialist, in the Product Marketing division, I continued to have richly varied roles influencing the understanding of CAD and BIM technologies for customers and the AEC industry.

In addition to many of my previous responsibilities as a BIM Specialist, my role as a Product Marketing team member involved:

  • Development of product messaging and collateral;
  • Development of internal tools & processes for product marketing;
  • Direct customer engagement for product feedback and customer success support;
  • Industry engagement as a subject matter expert for BIM, and especially interoperability, topics;
  • Assistance with strategic partner development, evaluating product-to-product workflows and crafting resulting market messaging and collateral.
  • Vectorworks, Inc. representative to buildingSMART International Implementation Support Group
  • Technical advisor to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Computer committee and  BIM sub-committee

Notable Projects:

  • Vectorworks BIM Implementation Checklists - Documentation to help existing and new users make the transition to BIM-based workflows using Vectorworks Architect software.
  • National BIM Standard - United States (NBIMS-US™) Version 3 Project Committee (2012-2015). The National BIM Standard-United States® provides consensus based standards through referencing existing standards, documenting information exchanges, and delivering best business practices for the entire built environment.
MAR 2006JUL 2012

Content Developer & BIM Specialist, Integrated Practice

Vectorworks, Inc.

As a BIM Specialist, in the Integrated Practice division, I had richly varied roles influencing the understanding of CAD and BIM technologies in the AEC industry and the development of Vectorworks Architect, including:

  • Research of topical BIM technologies, processes, standards, and workflows, including analyzing competitor and strategic partner solutions.
  • Collaborating with Nemetschek Vectorworks software engineering staff to test, review, design, and manage the development of various features for several releases of the application, including: 
    • IFC import/export functionality & certification; 
    • Doors, Windows, Stairs & Framing Member objects
    • Keynotes; 
    • New standardized object dialog interface;
    • Visual Scripting
  • Collaborating with other software developers supporting BIM workflows and interoperability between products, focusing primarily on the use of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
  • Creating examples of best practice methods of using the Vectorworks Architect software for Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Acting as a liaison to the professional community, educating architectural and other AEC industry professionals about Vectorworks as a BIM technology and how it is incorporated in BIM workflows. This includes presentations to national and international audiences, in the US, Japan, Norway, and the Netherlands
  • Vectorworks, Inc. representative to buildingSMART International Implementation Support Group
  • Facilitating Vectorworks Architect customers' implementation of BIM techniques and workflows in their practices and services to their clients.
  • Implementation of "open BIM" messaging for  Vectorworks, Inc.

Notable Projects:

  • Vectorworks BIM in Practice Demonstration Projects (2006-2012) - The Vectorworks BIM in Practice Series was a collection of projects that provided users with practical, pragmatic guidance and discussions about how to implement projects in Vectorworks using BIM methods. 
  • Vectorworks Architect IFC2x3 CV2.0 Certification (2010-2013) - A rigorous software testing and development regimen to ensure the technical capability of the software to export IFC2x3 architectural models and import all IFC2x3 models based on the Coordination View 2.0 requirements.
  • buildingSMART International IFC-Compatible Implementation Database (2010- ) - A database of IFC compatible applications for the whole range of design and construction disciplines, including architectural, structural, building services, FM and model viewing and underlines the broad for IFC.
APR 2002JUN 2005

Self-Employed Contractor

Atelier Ouellette

Freelance design and production services

JUN 2002JAN 2003

Production Assistance

DLB Architect

Contract services for construction document production of dental clinics and custom residential projects

NOV 1999MAR 2002

Project Manager

Chris Lewis Architects

Custom residential, restaurant, dental clinic, and commercial office projects

OCT 1998NOV 1999

Project Manager

Studio Mosaic (defunct)

Custom residential and commercial office projects

JUN 1993DEC 1994

Intern Architect

OPN Architects

Institutional, educational, and commercial office projects