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Experienced Network Engineer specializing in real-time quality sensitive network applications.

Expertise includes:

  • CCNA
  • Cisco IOS
  • Foundry
  • Asterisk IP PBX
  • 802.11B/G
  • VocalData
  • 802.11e
  • Linux setup
  • Windows 95 98 2000 NT4 XP
  • OS X
  • Sun OS
  • Redback AOS
  • LAN and WAN trouble shooting
  • VoIP call routing SIP, H323, SCCP, MGCP
  • Routing Protocols BGP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP
  • Spanning Tree
  • VLAN design and implementation
  • IPTV
  • Multicast
  • Cisco Call Manager Version 4.5 to 5.1

Work experience

May 2002Mar 2008


LibertyCap Consulting

Consultant to ISP’s and companies looking to implement VoIP providing services and equipment.

·Implementation and decommissioning of POPs for a Nationwide ISP.

·Assistance in troubleshooting of network and equipment issues.

·Coordination of resources and people for POP decommissioning.

·Consulted on the implementation of VoIP equipment in remote offices.

·Asterisk PBX implementation and configuration.

·Filled Sales Engineering role for Hosted IP-PBX company helping sell solutions based on Tekelec-VocalData-Genband and Cisco.

·Implemented Network for Hosted IP-PBX provider, allowing for a time to market of 2 months from funding to 1st customer.Developed, documented and implemented standards to allow for the implementation of Cisco QOS to the desktop.

Mar 2006Mar 2008

Sr Network Engineer


Designed managed and implemented internal and customer facing networks.

·Implemented QOS for VoIP and IPTV.

·Designed and implemented Cisco Call Manager solution replacing traditional Avaya PBX.

·Converted from a Cisco Router network to a Juniper environment.

·Reviewed and developed security policies and architectures for retail launch.

·Implemented Multicast including IGMP and PIM and a restricted RP architecture for internal IPTV plant.

·Managed and implement Cisco CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System).

·Implemented network infrastructure for switched digital video system.

·Redesigned WIFI network for higher security and network quality network.

·Implemented wireless IDS system to proactively monitor the wireless network for possible intrusions and quality problems.

·Designed and maintained DNS infrastructure.

·Integrated built an Asterisk server and Cisco Call Manager using SIP.

Nov 2005Mar 2006


CompuCom Systems, Inc./Intel Research

Implement Asterisk IP PBX for world wide branches under a 4 month contract.

·Integrated Asterisk with Cisco gateways and phones as well as the existing lucent PBX.

·Rolled users onto the new phones.

·Implemented QOS across back channel connections.

Feb 2004Apr 2005

Marketing Engineer

Cadius Development Corp

Helped present the business and technical aspects to future customers and Venture Capitalists.Championed the elegance of the Cadius solution compared to competitors to help raise venture capital.This was a sister company of Pingtone.

·Developed hardware specifications for software installation for various networks.

·Researched competitors technologies and market direction.

·Presented technical comparisons between Cadius and competitors to VC and Customers.

Nov 2002Apr 2005

Sr Network Engineer


Focused on scaling and quality for customer facing and internal networks.Implemented standards for ease and speed of the deployment of customer networks.My network designs for high quality VoIP traffic have been implement into over 500 originations.

Standardized configurations which were provided to customers to ensure quality of the VoIP traffic. This was part of an organizational strategy which allowed Pingtone to scale from 4 customer installs a month to >30 with the same staffing levels.

·Tested switches and routers including Cisco, Linksys, Foundry and others.

·Tested VoIP over Wifi and QOS over WiFi.

·Tested Network Access Solutions from SIP proxies to IAD/gateways.

·Design and Implementation of BGP and routing standards.

·Trained customer service on troubleshooting of VoIP calls and network issues.

·Worked within my team to design a carrier grade network.

·Documentation of network standards and procedures.

·Customer implementation and provisioning.

·Designed standards for SMB companies to multi-site fortune 100 companies.

·Designed multi T1 and/or multi router customer network standards allowing fast recovery during trunk or network outage.

Feb 2001May 2002

Development Network Engineer

Understanding and development of network architecture for the LAN and WAN using traditional circuit switched and IP networks and the integration of the two.

·Executive support for key sales meetings with Fortune 500 companies, strategic technology planning and development.

·Served as primary technical point of contact for Fortune 500 customer in the testing and troubleshooting of nationwide VoIP implementation.

·Tested new VoIP functionality on existing platforms.

·Worked with Cisco on testing new products in preproduction alpha testing.

·LAN network audit and redesign.

·Designed and implemented IP troubleshooting training program for the Network Operations Center and System Engineers.

·Cisco network audit and implementation of recommendations.

·Tested load balancing systems for global web site distribution - POP redesign for optimal data transmission integrity.

·BGP design and implementation on existing network.

·Documentation of the data network standards and best practices.

Apr 1999Jan 2001

Network Engineer


Detailed understanding of H323 & H225 concepts and call routing, VoIP, IP routing, DSL Network Engineering, data, and traditional telephony networks.

·Tested Lucent, Cisco, Nortel, and Redback platforms.

·Executive support for strategic meetings.

·Documentation of network processes - POP design and engineering.

·Network connections and equipment turn up, along with POP install.

·Troubleshot and repaired network problems.

·Configuration and setup of Cisco, Lucent, Redback, etc.

·Linux server setup.

·Basic knowledge PERL and HTML programming.

·VoIP, Dial, and DSL network optimization.

Jun 1997Apr 1999

Circuit Designer


Understanding of data and telephony system including frame relay, ATM and DS0 through DS3 systems.

·Designed and built circuits DS0, DS1, DS3 and Frame Relay.

·Trouble shot network problems and turned up customers’ service.

·Performed and verified x-connects, central office and DACS.

·Designed and implemented training program for department.

·Audited and updated DACS and T-1 documentation.

·Attended Sales meetings as the technical contact.

·Prepared technical documentation for proposals.

·Some ATM design experience.

·Worked with various telcos to fix local loop installation problems.

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Woodinville High School