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Family events, music audio file, outdoor activity and exercise ex: Jet skiing, dune riding, hiking, tennis, golf, and running our German Sheppard Niki all around the park.


Jeffrey Breier’s career in corporate security and law enforcement-related activities spans more than 30 years, during which time he has had the opportunity to occupy various management positions in the public and private sectors. Before catering to corporate entities,Jeffrey Breier had a long career working as a Police Officer for the Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii and the Santa Paula Police Department in California, where he became familiar with various types of law enforcement techniques and public safety strategies. While working in Honolulu and Santa Paula, Jeffrey Breier enforced all state, federal, and city regulations. He belonged to the foot patrol for two years in Honolulu, conducted investigations as a detective for a total of six years in Honolulu and Santa Paula, and served as part of the S.W.A.T. High Risk Entry Team and the K-9 Team in Santa Paula. Also in Santa Paula, Jeffrey Breier played a major role in obtaining a grant for the department that funded the purchase of driving under the influence (DUI) testing equipment, additional training programs, and overtime pay for officers. Between 1998 and 2001, Jeffrey Breier worked as a Private Investigator for Lerma & Associates in Los Angeles and as a Protection Specialist at Vance International (now Andrews International). Both posts allowed Jeffrey Breier to expand his knowledge of law enforcement and apply his methods to corporate models. His investigation duties involved homicide cases, witness interviews, and courtroom testimony, as well as evidence collection. As General Manager of Vance Brazil, Jeffrey Breier implemented strategies for major Fortune 100 clients. Making use of the latest security technology, he implemented one of the country’s first GPS tracking systems to ensure the safety of high-profile executives and their families on a 24-hour basis. Between 2001 and 2007, Jeffrey Breier co-founded and ran a wireless location-based GPS firm, GPSit, Inc., which provided technical consultation and GPS tracking services for hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US. Leading the company as CEO, he and his colleagues attended over 50 law enforcement trade shows, and his team gave over 100 formal product and technology presentations. His outstanding accomplishments as a contractor led him to accept a Regional Sales and Accounts Manager position at Ascend Systems, LLC, in 2007, where he stayed for two years. In charge of Mexicana Logistics GPS Asset Protection for Ascend, Jeffrey Breier also managed the GoBc Pilot Program for Offender Management, designed security-related products, and offered GPS technical consultation services. From January to November of 2010, Jeffrey Breier worked for Sony Corporation in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, providing his skills in GPS tracking and security asset protection. In this capacity, he supervised the supply chain management and training network, implemented C-TPAT protocol enhancements, conducted audits, and launched the security safety best practice program. He also devised effective risk control strategies to safely transport a number of high-profile executives to various locations within Mexico.

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Project Manager / Product Design

Statuslite LLC


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University of Hawaii - College of Business Administration