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Jon Johnston: Harris Teeter Co-Manager, 919-673-5970

Troy Treakle: Harris Teeter Asst.Grocery Manager, 919-410-9266

Pattie Wilshire: Harris Teeter Scan Coordinator, 716-341-9109


My eclectic interest and a passion for learning and self improvement have developed my skill set and knowledge needed to approach any task with confidence and creativity; allowing communication to flow, ideas to be inspired, problems solved, and wisdom gained. The integration of experience, knowledge, education, creativity, and determination is what empowers me to be a invaluable employee.

Work experience


Self Checkout Cashier/ Scan Coordinator Backup, 3rd shift

Harris Teeter

Monitoring self checkout lanes and POS operation; Restocking/conditioning merchandise; POS and Self-Checkout training; Hanging Beer/Wine department tags; Updating/Bibbing sale tags; Printing tags as needed;


Customer Service Clerk

Harris Teeter

Provide customer service and front end management/support; POS till collection and night closing procedures


IT Technician

Allegany College of Maryland

Provided support for faculty and staff desktop/laptop computers (hardware and software), phones, printers, SMART classrooms, and campus network infrastructure.



Software and Programming

MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10; Linux, Android, iOS; Microsoft Office& Blackboard; Service Desk Managment Systems::Java, Visual Basic, C++, WMI, Scripting, Power Shell. Sysinternals Suite, HTML, LAMP, Java Script, Registry Editing, VNC, MS Remote Desktop, Active Directory, Samba, Router Configuration, OSI , IPv4, DNS, DHCP, Web Browser Configuration, Exchange, McAffe, MS Deployment Server, Norton Ghost, Clonezilla. Nmap, Wireshark


PC/Laptop/Mac hardware; Switches, Routers, and WAP; Firmware, Telecom; Mobile Devices; UPS Backups; Rack Installation, Cable Management; Printers; Audio/Visual Technology; SMART Boards and Classrooms


Remote Administration, Remote Desktop Support. Hard Drive Optimization, Data Recovery, Open Source Software, Google Search Operators, Redundant Systems, Logistics Planning, Upgrades and Patches, Registry Editing, Bench Technician, Soldering and Electronics Repair, Methodical Troubleshooting, Advanced Spreadsheet Design; Process Documentation, Finding the needle in the haystack


Brought Beer and Wine scan audits to a 99.8% accuracy and have maintained audit integrity of 2,180 tags; First Class Boy Scout; Solved an installation via Dial-Up Issue; Resolved pre-employment tickets ; Developed computer lab maintenance scripting and deployment; Developed "Digital Jujitsu" (A Computer Course for Continuing Education)


Pro Musician; A/V Engineer, Instructor; Photographer; Pipe Organ Repair; Restoration; Recycling; Understanding Dialects


Technology, Teaching, Music, Writing, Science, Photography, Painting, Sketching, Reverse Engineering, Life Hacks, Inventing, Pioneering, Discovering, Cooking, Refurbishing