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Jeffrey Isaac

Work experience


Account Development Representative


From the industry of Information Technology and specifically guided towards software, Internet of Things (IoT), ICT and wireless products, Intertek provides business assurance,  testing, consulting, and certification services on a global scale

My specific purpose/role:

  • Create and establish a relationship with clients, communicate needs and expectations, educate them on our services and processes, and work towards finding solutions and improvements throughout project cycles
  • Guide engineers, sales, and management teams by providing project management support and business development for opportunities throughout the US
  • Provide support for account manager and consultant teams by
    meeting with clients, qualifying projects, and communicating critical
  • Establish internal network and improve processes to further develop skills/expertise for managing various projects, translating complex information from engineer to customer, and maintain organization by utilizing several software programs/applications including our Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Learn and understand our sub-services which includes: software and
    mobile application testing through our external QA and full suite
    testing program, IoT solutions, consulting for product development,
    and global market access programs
  • Continuously evaluate practices and methods to become more
    efficient in personal/professional development. Discover better
    methods of organization, communication, and problem-solving
  • Notable work: Selected for Business Development task to identify
    growth in the Unmanned Aerial Systems/ Vehicles (UAV/UAS) by learning
    current trends and forecasting our placement in the industry. More
    specifically, corroborated with NASA and U.S. Military program leads, U.S.
    defense contractors, FAA representatives, and even start-up companies
    who lead the market's progression to provide our team with insight


Communications Liaison/ Supervisor 

Department of The United States Air Force

Overall purpose: Provided continuous support to leaders and junior
members from local to national operations

Specific purpose:

  • Directed entire dedicated teams for normal day-to-day operations as well as high-level projects including protection and security for the President of the United States (POTUS)
  • Managed and supported several initiatives, projects, and missions for the
    Department of Defense (DOD), federal government, state agencies, and
    local organizations by providing:
    • Support in the strategic planning and utilization of resources,
      technology and software, weapons, and intelligence for base-wide
      operations, Force Protection Conditions (FPCONS) and Operational
    • Proficiency as a Communications Liaison between US Secret Service,
      Federal Bureau of Investigations, White House Communications, and
      other supporting bodies for the overall protection of the President of
      the United States
    • Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance (ACTIVE)
Nov 2013Sep 2014

Founder/ Team Leader

Tri4LIFEMN (Children's Cancer Research Fund Project)
  • Created and lead the foundation of affiliate/sponsorship sales, marketing, communications, and network during fundraising campaign for Children's Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)
  • Created and maintained webpage, managed contracts between sponsors to CCRF, and represented team campaign in the media
  • Successfully completed project, lead team to finish Ironman triathlon race, accomplished personal/team goals, increased local awareness for CCRF, and provided financial support towards current and future research for cancer

Assistant Coach/ Volunteer

White Bear Lake Area School District ISD 624

Supported team through coaching and leadership for young adults to eventually provide them with drive and  confidence towards future life



Business Administration/ Social & Criminal Justice

University of Maryland (U.C.)

Course work in information systems in organizations, law, economics, and Business management 


Investigative Science/ Leadership Development

Air University/ CCAF


  • Exceptional skills and experience in writing, speaking, teaching, presenting, negotiations, and much more.
  • Enjoy the process of compartmentalization. 
Problem-Solving & Adaptability
  • The ability to adapt and overcome in accordance with the ever-changing is something that sets apart the great from the rest. Rather than spending time talking about a problem, I choose to spend my efforts finding a solution.
  • It is one of my goals to be a person who can be counted on and who can make a decision with the best information available. 
  • The ability to become a great leader involves understanding people, understanding yourself, and defining what's valuable when they both align. Human dynamics and psychology in teams and workplaces, are incredibly complex.
  • I believe the value is paramount for learning how to better understand leadership styles/approaches and how you can create a synergistic environment.