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Human Resources, Management, Development


Jeff Quade received his degree at the University of Wisconsin in Industrial Psychology, which is the scientific study into workplace behavior. He later attended Western Kentucky University, achieving his Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Upon receipt of this degree, Jeffrey Quade signed on with Texas Instruments in Houston.After a stint with the $500 million-valued Department of Worldwide Mail at Bell & Howell, Jeff was recruited by Dell Inc. as Director of Human Resources at its Home and Small Business Segment. There, Jeff Quade was responsible for the creation of Internet start-ups that procured revenue growth of 104 percent and a staff increase of 2,500 new employees. This laid the groundwork for his respected reputation as a human resources specialist and problem solver.In 2001, Jeff Quade became the driving force behind the GE Industrial Systems Security Division’s human resources and organizational campaigns, taking a company with a staff of 3,300 and growing its assets from $400 to $700 million. In 2006, Jeffrey Quade joined Cornerstone Healthcare Group with the title of Vice President of Human Resources. His work as a direct liaison to the Board of Directors reporting directly to the CEO assisted the firm in achieving its optimum performance as a $150-million health care provider.In late 2007,Jeff Quade provided much-needed internal changes in risk management, compliance, facilities, and human resources for the $200-million health care provider HealthTronics, Inc. With the help of his ability to see the big picture while focusing on the small details of acquisition, Mr. Quade also aided in Cisco Systems, Inc., in its acquisition of NetSolve, Inc.LGE Execs, which reaches clients all over the world in the manufacturing, health care, service, and high-tech industries, hired Jeff Quade in 2010 to build and implement an Organizational Effectiveness Practice, making the firm more effective in reaching clients on a global scale. The LGE Execs Organizational Effective Practice excels in specialized services such as senior team coaching, leadership change, and mergers and acquisitions.

Jeff J Quade

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Western Kentucky University