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Pioneer animal behavior science researcher Jeff Loy has earned his reputation as the best in the business and is justly called the "RED ADAIR" of dog rescue. He has more than 50 years of experience with animal behavior. Graduating with a degree in Applied Mathematics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 1971, Jeff Loy applied some of these principles when he joined The Seeing Eye, Inc. in Morristown, New Jersey. In particular, Jeff Loy perfected some of the training academy’s techniques as well as analyzed critical areas of a service dog’s training. In doing so, Jeff Loy showed creativity and logic in creating new ways of training service animals. The needs of a blind student create a demand on a Seeing Eye dog that far surpasses that of all others in the world of dog behavior, training and psychology. For example, a Seeing Eye dog must not only ignore all distractions, but must also be able to perform safe and reliable guide work even if it is being harassed or attacked by other dogs. This was Jeff Loy's unique field of expertise, that is, getting all dogs to perform at the same high level, regardless of breed or background. After leaving The Seeing Eye in 1975, Jeff Loy founded The Center for Animal Behavior Research. It goals were twofold: 1) to continue pioneer research that goes far beyond the present body of academic knowledge and, (2) to take this this vast and powerful knowledge and save impossible behavioral cases rejected by the nationally recognized experts. Since its establishment, Jeff Loy has taken on thousands of these exact cases involving more than 17,000 dogs, and has perfected a training method that normalizes dogs that have shown severe behavioral problems throughout their lifetime. Many owners have come to Jeff Loy when they have run out of options and were amazed at how effective and quickly he saved their dogs. He has been asked to travel to almost every state and to numerous countries to work his magic. He merely calls it good science and clarity of thought. At great personal risk he has willingly handled literally thousands of biting and fighting dogs that the authoritative experts won't go near and routinely sentence to death. He has received more than 2,000 bone-crushing punctures to his body. Testing and recording the nuances of biting mechanics, Jeff Loy has catalogued over 100 categories of bites. He is truly the world's authority on the subject. Outside of dogs, Jeff Loy can assist in helping with other problem animals as well. Jeff Loy helps cats by fixing problems such as spraying, biting, and fighting among other cats. With horses, Jeff Loy trains them to handle trailer loading more comfortably and become less prone to spooking making them far less dangerous. For birds, Jeff Loy provides methods of pacifying their self-destructiveness and allowing owners to handle their pet birds without being bitten. He turns his back on no animals and is willing to take on all challenges and all species. His methods of temperament testing and evaluating dog bites, by actually being bitten, have been feebly mimicked with disastrous results by famous authorities providing their faulty knowledge to shelters and rescue leagues. They typically use a mannequin hand on a stick to falsely judge a dog's demeanor and, unfortunately, their future. These cowardly attempts lead to endless thousands of dogs being euthanized unnecessarily. As Jeff Loy says, "There is NEVER a need to destroy ANY dog for any behavioral problem". When the Biteman speaks, people listen!

Work experience


The Seeing Eye, Inc.


BA in Applied Mathematics

Rutgers University