Jeff Cottrone

Jeff Cottrone


I am a highly creative, hardworking, extremely reliable professional with vast experience as a writer, director, and editor.  I have a wide range of skills, learn new things quickly, and I'm easy to get along with.  I'm self-motivated, inner-directed, and bring originality to everything I do, yet I also can work within the style of an established system to execute your vision the way you need.

I'm mostly self-taught, but I've had some invaluable teachers along the way, and constantly refine my skills by taking any relevant workshops I can.  I have written, directed, edited, and acted in many short films.  I've written five feature-length screenplays and the entire twelve-episode first season of an original TV series, which I am now marketing.  I've worked in the camera department of a feature-length film and as a production assistant or background actor on virtually every TV show and movie filmed in Los Angeles.  

Work History

Work History
Jan 2001 - Present

JTC Films


G2E 11/09

The Prenup 8/09

Martyrs 9/08

Lucky To Have You 7/08

Eight Dollar Hero 9/06

30-minute Cable Show 6/06

PSA TV Spots 6/06

Several Four Camera Wedding Shoots 10/05- 7/06


Signs (12 episodes) 01/11

The Office spec 2/09

Saturday Night Live spec 11/08


The Setup Man 2/09

American Eyes 12/07

Reallusion 10/04

Exposed 7/03

Communication 6/02


The Pre-nup                          Daniel

Martyrs                                 Denny

Lucky To Have You             Dr Barnes

Eight Dollar Hero                 Brian

Nike Spec                             Andy

Bud Lite Spec                       Coach

Jan 2011 - Jun 2011

Instructional Designer

Element K

I worked as an Instructional Designer for Element K, which involved the design and/or writing of online training curriculum for companies such as Google, Comcast, Sodexo, Chubb, and Portland Cement Association.  

May 2010 - Mar 2011



I worked as a freelance writer for a company that produces instructional video courses for car salesmen.  

Jun 2009 - Oct 2010

Production Assistant

StandOut Productions

I worked as a Production Assistant for StandOut Productions.

Nov 2006 - Feb 2007

Camera PA

The Alphabet Killer, LLC

I worked as a Camera PA for the feature-length production called The Alphabet Killer. 


Jun 2008 - Oct 2010

Writing & Directing

Various Workshops
Jan 2009 - Jun 2009

The I.O. West
Feb 2009 - Jun 2009

Brian Reise Acting Studio
Sep 2000 - Dec 2001

Bachelor's Degree

SUNY Brockport