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Jeff is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows something about the process of building successful companies. Over the last 15 years, he's raised millions from investors and has been directly responsible for the creation of several multi-million dollar organizations.

Jeff began his entrepreneurial career in 1992, as the Founder of Foothill Fire Safety Co. (FFSC), an industrial service organization with over 12,000 clients throughout Southern California. He continued to manage FFSC while forming a second company, Home Healthcare Direct, which distributed medical supplies within “assisted living” environments. Both companies were successfully acquired in 1997.

From 1999 to 2002, Jeff served as Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of DispenseSource, Inc. (now Nexiant, Inc.). With more than $10 million in venture capital behind him, he quickly established Nexiant as one of the leading providers of automated inventory systems within the industrial and manufacturing environments. The company has emerged as the world's leading provider of automated inventory systems, securing over $30 million in venture financing, and serving clients such as Chrysler, BF Goodrich, Xerox,and Honeywell.

In 2003, Jeff Chavez launched Northstar Ventures and the Northstar Thinktank, a company whose business model draws on Jeff's entrepreneurial passion. He is responsible for recruiting some of the world's leading business experts to the cause of developing world class curriculum, training, and mentoring programs, for entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

Jeff is a successful author and public speaker, who has a passion for effective communication, learning, and personal development. He is an avid runner, surfer and wake-boarder. 


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Founder, CEO

Northstar Entrepreneur Thinktank

A informed resouce center dedicated to providing relevant insight to entrepreneurs.  Information is gathered from hundreds of websites, blogs, newspapers, and magazine articles.

Co-Founder, CEO

Home Healthcare Direct


Fire Foothill Saftey

Founder CEO

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