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About Jeff Champlin Carmel Valley

Jeff Champlin, a graduate of Texas Midland College and former resident of Carmel Valley, California, is a retired auditor who spent many years serving clients in and around Chicago, Illinois. Having earned a bachelor of science in petroleum engineering during his time at Texas Midland, Jeff Champlin went on to use his expertise as an auditor, which involved cost analysis work on oil and natural gas lines throughout the nation. He provided regular monitoring services to a number of pipelines throughout the full course of their time in service. The former Carmel Valley resident relocated to Spreckels, California, in retirement.

He has shifted his academic pursuits from engineering to various areas of history. His interest in history has led him to engage in activities with several archaeological groups, including the Diggers of SoCal. Jeff Champlin has traveled with the Diggers of SoCal on a number of expeditions and continues to maintain a restored pottery collection at his residence. While his past digs have focused on the Nuewomie tribe of Florida, he intends to participate in a University of Brookings trip to Mount Tompotito, Mexico, in the future.

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