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Team Development & Mentoring
Negotiation & Collaboration
Stakeholder/Interdepartmental Relationships
Software Quality Assurance
Product & Service Implementation and Deployment
Business and Systems Analysis & Design


Respected ICT professional with a reputation for establishing business and technology solutions that propel companies forward and enable them to compete effectively in the local, regional, national and international marketplace. Facilitates communication and fosters relationships between stakeholders at every level of the organization. Delivers innovations for organizations that not only enable improvements to their bottom line, but also provide key services to their clients - achieving corporate targets and enhancing the overall customer experience

Selected Business and Technology Solution Accomplishments

  • Collaborated with Engineering and Professional Services teams. In one year, co-ordinated 20+ projects and ensured that Software Quality Assurance (SQA) processes were aligned with client requirements at each stage.
  • Co-ordinated two strategic platform migrations in one year for service provider in Bern, Switzerland. Enabled company to deliver new automated activation services, realizing improved revenue streams through effective and streamlined operations.
  • Implemented strategic andbusiness critical projects for service provider in Rome, Italy. Within a one year period planned, implemented, tested and deployed solutions to transition from proprietary systems to sophisticated business platform for automated services and business processes management.
  • Oversaw pre-production from design and development to testing for global entity. Managed solution readiness from initial deployment to operational production across an intense six-month period.
  • Executed specifications and requirements definitions for multiple business management projects for service provider based in Canada. In constrained delivery time frame, planned, scheduled, tested, validated and verified 20+ new service topologies within six months for business infrastructure projects.
  • Ensured multiple project completions for Canadian, USA and European product and service providers. Working with various stakeholders and business interests, delivered diverse and multilayered client solutions.
  • Developed and fostered professional, cordial relationship with customers at every level. Also elicited trust and built working liaisons with internal technical, sales, marketing, product, and service organizations.


"Through clarity of thought and solid professionalism, Jeff is referenced at one of the largest global Information, Communications and Entertainment transformation programs - Telecom Italia. Jeff's passion for his customers is contagious - achieving this whilst maintaining focus on their operational drivers and financial requirements. He inspires loyalty and commitment due to his “can do hands on" approach. I would support and work with Jeff again in a heartbeat!”

- Tony Garcia, VP Professional Services, Syndesis

Work experience

Senior Systems Support Analyst

GEAC Canada Inc.

Systems Support Engineer

KTS Systems Group

Sabbatical: Postgraduate Studies

University of Liverpool
  • Completed MSc programme in Information Systems Management. Performed in-depth academic studies, daily and weekly individual and group based projects to satisfy the requirements as mandated for each respective programme module. The programme included the study of modern technology and management trends in computer science and information systems, object-oriented systems analysis and design, software quality assurance and management, computer networking, project management, enterprise software management, business law and ethics, marketing management, operations management, organizational behavior and its management, and financial management.
  • Attained an advanced level of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and perspective in the usage, application, and management of modern information systems technology and general organizational resources for the achievement of business strategic, tactical, and operational goals and objectives.

Senior Quality Assurance Team Lead/Analyst

Subex Americas Inc.
  • Participated in all aspects of each project life-cycle to ensure that QA related aspects were addressed and properly supported. Included estimation of project efforts, development and execution of test strategies,  test plans, test/use cases, defect reporting/resolution, test lab/infrastructure setup/configuration/management, and test automation.
  • Managed knowledge transfer and mentoring of remote QA team in India for two years. Utilizing various technologies, applications, and tools ensured that work performed by remote teams met QA requirements for respective project life-cycles.
  • Held key roles in solution/project analysis and reviews, customer and product functional specifications reviews, document reviews, and creating and testing new customer technology projects and product solutions.
  • Provided leadership and support for solution server platforms, SQA infrastructure environment set-ups and configurations. Included operational sanity testing that created a functional baseline for testers to use in respective projects.
  • Developed customized solutions and processes for multiple needs. Accelerated execution of customer-specific project test-cycles for advances that decreased costs and enhanced resources.

Senior Consultant, Professional Services

Subex Americas Inc.
  • Performed implementation of proprietary enterprise applications for networking and service fulfillment automation. Accountable for a range of professional services activities including analysis, definition, design, customized software development, system implementation and integration, testing, deployment, and post-deployment support.
  • Collaborated with internal technical resources and clients’ IS and operations staff. Regularly participated in various phases of software quality assurance planning and execution throughout each project life-cycle, analyzed and resolved complex technical, operational, and process-oriented problems.

Senior Systems Consultant

  • Performed implementation, deployment, and support of proprietary enterprise applications for billing, service management, and customer care business infrastructures for ISPs and NSPs.
  • Developed and implemented business operations solutions that involved internet administration frameworks targeting custom service provisions.
  • Accountable for consulting with clients in the management and performance of Internet and Network Service Provider operations in global markets.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, tested, and deployed multiple technologies and solutions through participation in all phases of the product/solution and project life-cycles. Facilitated functions for the customer, reduced time to market, and decreased costs to the customer through innovative solutions.


Institute for Computer Studies

Ryerson University