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Jeffrey R Marek

Sr. Director Product Manager

Passionate about People, Products, & Transformation

Diverse leadership expertise focused on breakthrough transformation of people and products.  Proven ability to quickly identify roadblocks to progress, create a unified team vision, and move, touch, and inspire organizations and individuals to produce extraordinary results.

Work experience


Sr. Director Product Development 

Intel, IoT - Platform Management and Customer Enabling

Responsible for $50M-100M programs around Artificial Intelligence enhanced video solutions (e.g. Machine Learning / Deep Learning).  The role includes ensuring and accelerating end-to-end execution from the initial product design and funding through scaling of solutions with end customers and users.  Critical to the role's success is the alignment of priorities and resources across multiple divisions and external companies.


Sr. Director Partner Development

Intel, Internet of Things - Strategy and Execution Division

Led Intel's strategy for developing and enabling  "things" at the edge of Internet of Things systems.  Created cross division strategy, business model, and external collaboration agreements to accelerate, reduce, or eliminate  over $20M+ in spends and 100+ heads across multiple divisions.  Prioritized and removed roadblocks around development of autonomous sensors and associated algorithms in speech recognition, presence detection, gesture detection, and contextual awareness technologies.  Drove strategies and architecture around the secure connection of device and hardening of communications that utilize MCU and MPUs.


Sr. Director of Product Development

Intel, IoT Group - Application Ready Platforms Division

Launched a "startup mentality" engineering organization spanning three companies, four divisions, and multiple geographies to launch Gateway and Edge Products that form the basis of every solution in the rapidly growing Internet of Things solution space.  Launched with 19+ partners.  Success required balancing competing intra-company P&L priorities, aligning different software and hardware development methodologies, and enrolling the greater organization in a multi-year "plug-n-play" product experience. Solutions involved board level hardware and silicon, operating systems, containers, connectivity, security software, regulatory and cellular certifications, and end user use cases.  


Sr. Director of Engineering

Intel, Business Client Platform Division

Led 90+ person, $8M multi-group engineering organization integrating software development with low level hardware capabilities to create innovative user experiences on Intel notebooks, desktops, and tablets.  Consistently released on schedule and drove adoption across Fortune 500 customers.  Launched Small Business platform with over 12M deployments and 3M+ active users.  Delivered breakthrough innovation including "Conference Room of the Future" and lab technology yielding a $60M ROI. Reinvigorated organization with "Bring back the Magic" vision, job rotations, and a successful company acquisition.  Spearheaded organizational vision reset with  "Bring back the Magic" initiative including job rotations for 1/3 of the org, training, college graduate hiring, female staff positions, training and the launch of Mindful Engineering.  Negotiated, acquired, and integrated an international company to create dual boot virtualization platform.


Engineering Manager

Intel, Business Client Platform Division

Grew 6 person demo and events group to a 40 person team by shifting the emphasis on Intel's new vPro™ from silicon features (“bag of parts”) to end user solutions. Reinvented division's ability to demonstrate, pilot, and provide sales support physically and via social media (1200% growth in Twitter, 50k downloads). Through partnership with ISVs, IT Outsourcers, Managed Service Providers, and Fortune 500 end customers, identified product improvements and created scale-test lab resulting in an 87% reduction in cost to deploy, 19 partners delivering solutions, and 21 real-world published ROI case studies.  Partnered with Tier 1 OEMs to address firmware and product issues resulting in 99% of product issues resolved pre-launch vs. 80% pre-launch.


Productivity & Collaboration Product Line Manager

Intel, Information Technology

Managed the development and deployment of IT productivity and collaboration technologies to Intel’s 80k globally dispersed employees. Drove the funding, marketing plans, development, and sustaining of conference rooms, webcasting, rich media, video conferencing, audio conferencing, messaging applications, real time collaboration, and office productivity applications.  Scope included 30 employees, development and internal marketing plans, and individual product budgets in excess of $1M. 


Manager, Manufacturing Strategy

Intel, Information Technology

Responsible for identifying and delivering revolutionary breakthroughs in IT cost, productivity and operational initiatives across Intel's worldwide manufacturing organization.  Delivered $22M in cost reduction and $10M+ in productivity and enabling programs.  Drove engagements with Intel's external customers through [email protected] program including customer visits, round table discussions, White Papers and Innovation Seminars.


Program Manager

Intel, Assembly Test Manufacturing

Led the Assembly Test Manufacturing (ATM) organization in developing and implementing its business strategy around non-CPUmanufacturing including identification of site capabilities, support of acquisitions, and startup of new site businesses.  Headed the Year2000 program with a "virtual factory" scope of 70+ individuals.  Delivered fixes to over 5,000 individual applications and equipment across seven international sites with no impact to Output and 0
minutes of unscheduled downtime. Implemented controls and processes to reduce a $12M budget to under $1M.


Product Line Manager, Factory Automation

Intel, Fab 6 Manufacturing

Developed, delivered, and maintained extremely high reliability manufacturing systems.


Senior Programmer/Analyst

Intel, Fab 6 Manufacturing

Developed end user tools and technologies for factory automation


Network Manager, Systems Engineer

GTE Health Systems; GTE Vantage Solutions

Specified, developed, and maintained a 200+ node, multi-site network.  Developed software for startup venture.


Internship - Developer

AG Communication Systems

Developed in-house project management software and statistical analysis tools.