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I am a financial professional looking for breakout consumer technologies that will change how humans interact.

Work experience


Finance Manager

HTC Vive (San Francisco, CA)

• Assisted in launching three hardware products, four games, and two platform updates which increased revenue from zero to nine digits within a year 
• Established P&L forecasting practices to build realistic quarterly budgets for HTC's VR application store and VR application publisher, which resulted in an increase of profitability of 30%
• Managed employee feedback on operational expenses, which contributed to more efficient spending with increase of 10% on overall satisfaction 
• Enhanced KPI setting & reviewing processes for above business units resulting in an increase of efficiency by 20%
• Established multiple deal flow channels that increased applications by 300% for Vive X (HTC's VR Accelerator)
• Established financial diligence & legal process for Vive X and executed over 30 start up investments in 2 years
• Achieved an unrealized ROI of 120% on first year investments

Highlighted Transactions: 
• Subdream Studios - Social VR gaming studio building on established Asian IPs
• Limitless Entertainment - Software which enables artists to seamlessly create and animate characters in VR
• Immersv - Discovery and advertisement platform for VR
• Fishbowl VR - On-demand VR user testing for VR application developers


Senior Financial Analyst

HTC (Taipei, Taiwan)

• Built revenue models to forecast future sales targets based on inventory levels, demand and past performance resulting in a lower losses throughout 2015 (Smartphone and VR)
• Budgeted and controlled marketing and operating expenses to ensure optimal profitability among North America and European regions (Smartphone and VR)


Business Development Director (Hong Kong/Macau)

Hotel Quickly (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

• Developed sales targets and strategies for hotels across Hong Kong and Macau which led to 30 signed hotels and conglomerates across the region
• Helped develop PR and marketing strategies to gain over 100,000 downloads within the first three month of launch
• Troubleshot new features with potential clients and IT managers in order to deliver a more customer-friendly product
• Conducted lean methodologies to find most effective customer acquisition funnel which resulted in investing in proven and efficient campaigns that yielded the highest profit per marketing dollar


Risk Associate

KGI Securities (Taipei, Taiwan)

• Monitored market risk of front office to ensure positions were within risk limits and helped produce end of day reports
• Performed analysis of data capture to track timeliness and accuracy of trades
• Accumulated and organized historical returns of Foreign Exchange trading strategies to determine Value at Risk
• Presented risk factor analysis to managers and traders in order to facilitate strategic decisions



CFA Level 1

Certified Financial Analyst

Master of Science, Financial Engineering

City University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance Concentration

University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business


SAP Python C++
Matlab Java