I am currently looking for an opportunity with a great company that I am passionate about, and to create and add value towards even more success in the future.  I can bring enthusiasm and energy and a productivity that is desired, and I look forward to associating with you!

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2002 - Present

Sr. V.P. : Utah, NorCal, Oregon, Nevada

Renatus - Nouveau Riche, Inc. (dba NR CaNvOr, LLC.)

The Renatus - Nouveau Riche affiliation began 2002 and I was brought on as a Founders Advisory Board member and leader over the Northern California, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada territories.  I invested in the opportunity and was charged as a business owner of NR CaNvOr, LLC, to lead and develop these states and create all sales and training in this territory. 

    - Started from scratch. 

    - Revenues grew from $0 in 2002, to a phenomenal peak year 2007-2008 of $14.5 Million

    - Revenues over the course of 2002-2010, $38.5 Million in the whole territory.

    - The sales force and customer database grew to over 7,000 

It was reported that Nouveau Riche also experienced in this best year, 2007-2008, revenues around $69 million, and I take pride to have created a large percentage of this revenue.  This was done with the following key and personal qualities:

    - Work ethic, Values, Integrity, and Character becoming of these results!

http://www.myrenatus.com/?page_id=184 (www.MyRenatus.com and note FAB members)

Http://www.NewRichNation.com/Your_Leaders/  (Find Jeff on map in Ut, NorCal, Or, Nv)

Http://www.NouveauRiche.com/about/Thompson.htm (Jeff's Bio for NR)

Jul 1993 - Present

Owner, V.P. Operations

Northwest Design Group, Inc.

In July 1993 my wife, Britt, and I started a Commercial Space Planning & Design business as a part time, moonlighting venture to provide an income that could be created from home and as a business that would allow for Britt's desire to be home with our children.  This business has strived and thrived during certain stages over the past 17 years, and is a Utah Corporation providing quality services and design for the commercial spaces of companies and business campuses across the Wasatch range.

As V.P., I have overseen and managed all corporate aspects, since inception, from planning to incorporation, to daily and annual operation of finances, accounting, budgets, sales & marketing, or whatever is needed to keep this business flowing and growing into the 18th year, 2011. 

    - Revenues of $1 Million were achieved by 1999-2000, 6yrs into business: 

          - Clients: I.H.C., Cushman WakeField, Novell, Canyon Park Tech Center(WordPerfect)


Sep 1987 - Jun 1993

Bachelor of Science




Business Operations, Management - Entrepreneurism

Principled, Moral, Disciplined  Social Media, Relational, Sales & Marketing Proficient use of Social media sites and programs to create slaes funnel and results Developed programs to create cohesion and communication for 5,000+ ppl Public Speaking and Training I Speak weekly to dozens, have spoken regionally to 100's, and nationally to 1000's Speaking emphasis on Biz operations, Sales & Marketing, Motiviation, and Training My 'bags are packed,' laptop/projector ready, responsible traveler, ready to roll! Tech Saavy and Solution oriented to get results.  (Microsoft or 'PC' oriented but Tech Saavy) Office Suite Software daily:  Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint Quicken/Quickbooks daily PowerPoint use very frequent; Social Media and writing skills Strong on People & Customer Relations, Communication, Detailed