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For the past 14 years, I’ve been professionally crafting digital user experiences. Growing up, I was mesmerized by computers & video games. I was fascinated by the manner in which I was able to interact with a machine to accomplish a goal. Back then, my goal was to reach the last level of a video game. Nowadays, my goals are to help people delightfully accomplish their tasks while also ensuring that my client’s, colleague’s and company’s business objectives are met.

Work experience

September 2015Now

User Experience Consultant

Eliassen Group
  • Collaborate with a team of information architects, visual designers, editors, prototypers, researchers and usability specialists to tackle complex projects of varying size.
  • Serve as the client’s primary point of contact with the Design team and the overall user experience design process.
  • Ensure design team efforts are in sync with the client’s business goals, expectations and budget.
  • Develop and participate in the development of user personas and scenarios.
Jul 2009September 2015

Manager, Interactive Web Services

Liberty Mutual
  • Managed internal staff, freelance designers and producers to assure project timelines and quality guidelines were adhered to.
  • Consulted with clients to determine objectives and needs.
  • Worked with Senior Managers in planning long-term departmental objectives.
  • Created innovative user experiences for existing and new product offerings as a member of a cross-functional team.
  • Employed user-centered design methodologies to influence product teams to achieve the solution that was right for our customers.
Sep 2008Jul 2009

Visual Designer

Fidelity Investments
  • Applied digital identity guidelines to communicate pixel-perfect layouts to developers using Photoshop.
  • Created and communicated dynamic designs for new UI concepts and components for web.
  • Designed interfaces based on usability principles.
Mar 2006Aug 2008

Media Production Lead/Developer

Pearson Education
  • Designed multimedia solutions and custom course management systems to assist students, professors and colleges/universities.
    • The following products were developed:
      • Websites, e-Books, Video Tutorials and Custom Course Management Systems.
  • Coordinated product delivery schedules with multiple Pearson vendors in order to increase the number of deliverables.
  • Managed a team of three to five multimedia developers at any given time.
    • This included: 
      • Creating detailed build specifications for each of their projects and answering any questions they may have about a project.
      • Overseeing their workloads to ensure that project goals, milestones, and deliverables were achieved.
      • Scheduling meetings with developers, management and the sales force to review project timelines and to create a more efficient workflow.
Apr 2005Mar 2006

Freelance Designer

Jose Medeiros
  • Enrolled in the Malaca Instituto to learn basic Spanish.
    • This was an intensive Spanish course which involved daily classes and events in the Spanish culture.
  • Cultivated and sustained business websites
    • This included:
      • Website updates
      • Acquiring new clients through word of mouth and site postings, such as Craigslist.
May 2002Apr 2005

Multimedia Design Specialist

  • Developed and maintained client websites.
    • This involved:
      • Turning Photoshop concepts into live, functional websites.
      • Updating sites with new content or to meet newer standards.
      • Creating Flash animations with Action Script.
      • Database development for web and internal usage.
      • Setting up digital photo shoots and taking snapshots.
  • Conceptualized corporate identities.
    • This involved brainstorming ideas for logo designs, websites and overall company branding.
  • Pre/Post video production for 15’ and 30’ regional and national TV spots:
    • This involved:
      • Preparing video equipment (camera, microphones, lighting, laptops, batteries) to digitally film on location.
      • Importing raw video for digital editing.
      • Optimizing video and audio for web and tv quality.


June 2015

Bachelor of Science, Business Studies in Marketing 

Southern New Hampshire University


Mark Marianelli

"Already being an accomplished visual designer, Jose possesses not only a keen eye for visually appealing work but also a knack for critical thinking and problem solving; creating solutions which are both innovative and user-friendly.

He stays up to date with the latest design trends and is quick at learning new technologies and practices. He maintains a broad set of skills which include wireframing, rapid prototyping, visual design and development knowledge; nothing stays out of his comfort zone for long.

As a manager, he is well respected, dependable and always calm under pressure. In addition to what is already a wide-range of talent, Jose is one of the most professional, reliable and trustworthy human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I would highly recommend him."

August 04, 2015

Tom Ward

"Jose always exceeded expectations and delivered great creative solutions on time as a Visual Designer. Jose was personally requested by Information Architects to be on their most important projects for his creative and technical abilities. I highly recommend Jose as a Visual Designer. I look forward to the day I can work with Jose again."

July 16, 2009

Callum Grieve

“Jose is a very talented designer and IT architect who is simultaneously creative and detailed-orientated. Able to pull from both left and right hemispheres: Jose is thoughtfully artistic yet always conscience of the nuts and bolts of any project. A strong and diligent multi-tasker, Jose is self-motivated, presents well to clients and is a phenomenal team player. I can strongly recommend Jose..” February 10, 2008

T. Amadis Wann

“Jose was a top notch producer in our media department. His web production work was the basis for a lot of our web templates for other producers to work from. Jose's graphic skills are amazing, and he brings a lot of other media and video skills to the table as well. He works well as a team lead and individually, is deadline driven, and detail oriented. Jose has played a key role in delivering projects in a high volume, high sales-driven, media department!” February 18, 2008

Joshua Sutherland

“Jose was one of our best hires who started at a junior level role and quickly rose through the ranks. When I needed an important client to be well taken care of I would assign the project to Jose. His professional ability to communicate under extreme pressures kept our clients happy and with the end results they desired. Jose is a unique talent that combines a very strong design ability, in depth coding knowledge and an amazing professional ability to communicate with not only our clients but also our marketing and sales teams.” February 22, 2008