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Letters of Reference from Professors

Letters of Reference on file at UNM College of Education.

Additional letters available upon request.


I am a student teacher getting my bilingual endorsement.  I am completing my first professional semester at UNM Dec 2011.  I am working at a dual language elementary school.  I can not wait to get the keys to my own classroom in December of 2012!  Please consider me for your position teaching at your school.

Test Scores

NMTA score 271 required to enter College of Education Professional Coursework Sequence

I have not taken my licensure tests as of this date, but will be scheduling them the 2012 year.

Licensure Tests





Teaching Philosophy

I believe in the five overarching principles of Constructivism in teaching.

They are:

1) Teachers seek and value their students' points of view. 

    *Points of view seen as cues for ensuing lessons.

2) Classroom activities challenge students suppositions.

    *All students have life experiences and presumed truths; good lessons validate or transform these.

3) Teachers pose problems of emerging relevance.

    *Relevance emerges from learner; lesson fosters personal meaning.

4) Teachers build lessons around primary concepts and "big" ideas.

    *Grapple with the big idea and discern parts that require more investigation.

5) Teachers assess student learning in the context of daily learning.

    *embedded assessment in recurrent activities.

Special Needs Philosophy

I have a very strong commitment to working with children with special needs in a classroom.

My work providing nursing care to patients gives me the understanding of 1) physiological side of special needs and 2) the importance of every person receiving the same treatment and dignity as the rest of the population in a society.


Arts and Crafts are an interest that I have due to my Blumenschein family history of talented artists.

I found this a useful activity to keep my young children learning and occupied while at home and so that they could have their own creation on display in the home.

I plan on using this in my classroom whenever possible.

More about me...

Honors & Recognitions

Deans list during attendance at University of NM and Central NM Community College.

Recipient of Hembree & Predicanda DeGeer Scholarship

Offered the following for high GPA: Truman Scholarship, Fred Harris Congressional Internship Program, Golden Key International Honor Society Membership, Pi Lambda Theta membership.

Who am I?

My name says it all, Jecholia (Hebrew), Mae (English), Blumenschein Koelling (German)!  I am Honduran from my mother's side and German/English from my father's side.  I am the definition of diversity as a person! 

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to NM 14 years ago.  I have both cultures, languages, and heritages! 

I bring this to my classroom to teach, relate, and accommodate all parents and children at my school!

On the personal side, I have been married to a high school math teacher for 14 years.

I am a mother of three school age children that I have been determined to stay at home and raise for the last 10 years. This is why I have been out of the workforce for so long.

As my children have become more independent I have pursued my passion for a career in the teaching field.

I really am connected to children and have an instant bond which I plan on using to help them reach their goals and dreams starting from the classroom. 

I hope to use my wisdom from my advanced age and my life experiences in a classroom to connect with my students and their parents.

I have worked to use my second language of Spanish to get my bilingual endorsement so that I can help English language learners become more productive and successful in their academics.

I have many dreams of what I can do to make a difference and am very excited to finish my college degree and get to a classroom to begin!


Yo soy una maestra estudiante trabajando para obtener mi certificación bilingüe.  Estoy cumpliendo mí semestre profesional en UNM.  Estoy trabajando en una escuela bilingüe.  Espero con mucho anticipación obtener llaves a mi aula en Decembre 2012!  Por favor considerame para su posición de maestra en su escuela.

Song about who I am...

Soy Norteamericana, Hondurena, y Alemania

me dicen Chicana, latina, y hispana

Con tantos nombres me podian confundir,

pero yo se bien quien soy, no me tienen que decir

Tengo familia en Honduras, y otras en los Estados Unidos

Todas comunicamos en la lengua mas fina,

Somos orgullosas de nuestra herencia latina.

So Norteamericana, Hondurena, y Alemania

me dicen Chicana, latina, y hispana

Con tantos nombres me podian confundir,

pero yo se bien quien soy, no me tienen que decir

Tengo familia en Honduras, y otras en los Estados Unidos

todas comunicamos en la lengua mas fina,

somos orgullosas de nuestra herencia latina.

Work experience

Jun 2000Present

Home Manager/Mother of 3 children

Jun 2007Jun 2009

Child Care Provider


I provided daily care to the same child  from the age of 1 to 3 out of my home for two years.

 -Letter of reference available from parents upon request.

Jun 1995Jun 2000

Administrative Assistant

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority


Central New Mexico Community College

4.66 GPA

Jan 2010Present


University of New Mexico

94 hours currently completed.

Currently in 1st semester of student teaching.

4.02 GPA

Aug 1982May 1987

H.S. Diploma

William Chrisman High School

Lesson Plan Samples.


Nursing background
I was in the registered nursing program before I changed my career path to teaching.  I was doing my clinicals on the hospital floor when I realized that this was not the direction for me.   But, I did learn how to make nursing plans, administer meds., do procedures, and give daily nursing care to hospital floor patients.  I also finished a majority of the core nursing curriculum required before doing your clinicals, such as biology, anatomy & physiology, etc.  Along with this I learned how to build rapport and trust with my patients and their families to better provide care and educate them on their illnesses.   I take this experience with me wherever I go including using it daily at home with my elementary age children and managing my husband's care of his diabetes with multiple medications and daily insulin injections.  I will use this experience to help me with special needs students in my classroom.
Administrative duties
I have worked in an administrative assistant capacity for more than 10 years.  I have worked in various settings using these skills and have taken many trainings on administrative skills and computer skills for my jobs.   I have worked for up to 4 executives at one time and performed all their admin. needs, etc.   I have also used my administrative skills as a stay at home mother for ten years and here as a student at UNM keeping up with my BSED curriculum.  
I have re-learned my Spanish from my childhood.  I was out of practice and not educated in the language since I am a Spanish-American that was raised in the midwest.   I have taken over 24 credit hours of bilingual endorsement classes and 18 hours of Spanish courses with no grade below a "B".  Therefore, I am advanced in reading and writing of the Spanish language. It is the speaking that I feel I am intermediate in still, but I am working on getting advanced in now which just takes practice.  I am doing my student teaching in a dual language school and practicing speaking it almost everyday.     


Bilingual Endorsement

University of New Mexico