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I am the author of four New York Times best-selling novels, plus numerous other novels. I also have several published essays, and a collection of my short stories was published last year. It's very easy to verify that I am a prolific professional writer simply by looking me up on   I have also taught writing for  many years, both the ubiquitous Freshman Composition in my years as a university professor and fiction writing workshops all over the U.S. and Canada. With Jacqueline Lichtenberg, I run a free online writing school, the Worldcrafters Guild. I provide daily tips on writing on Twitter, and I blog about my travels at the House of Keon.   In recent years I have turned to screenwriting, because the video medium is expanding rapidly while print is dying. I have been taking courses with Hal Croasman of ScreenwritingU, where I am a ProSeries Alum. See my work history, below, for writing successes.

Work experience

Jan 2005Present


Wickstrom and Lorrah, Screenwriters

My writing partner, Lois Wickstrom, and I are published novelists moving into screenwriting. I am a New York Times best-selling author. Lois's set of videos on chemistry is a best-seller in the science education field. We are both ProSeries Alumni. Our script Coal for Christmas finished in the top ten family screenplays in the 2009 MovieDeal contest. Our script Voodoo on South Street won a bronze Remi at Worldfest. A collection of our stageplays, Order of the Virgin Mothers, has just (2010) been published by Borgo Press.

Jan 1999Present


Sime~Gen Inc.

Sime~Gen Inc. is owned by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and me. We run the domain, which is dedicated to creativity in all its many forms.


Professor of English and Humanities

Murray State University

During my tenure as Professor of English and Humanities at Murray State University, I taught during the school year and wrote during the summers and other vacation times. I taught various medieval literature courses (Chaucer being my favorite), the History of the English Language, and service courses such as Humanities and Freshman Composition. I also presented and published the requisite academic papers to achieve tenure and promotion, and performed the requisite service, serving as chair of the department tenure committee for nearly fifteen years, followed by service on the department executive committee and the university-level promotion and tenure committee for four years.

I was at the same time a successful novelist, as you can see by searching on my name at I am now retired from the university and, with the slow dying of print media, have turned to screenwriting as a full-time occupation.


Nov 2004Present

ProSeries Alumni


I first began taking short courses with Hal Croasmun, one of the best teachers I have ever known. After I retired from full-time teaching, I took his ProSeries, which is becoming quite an entree into Hollywood as the alumni option and sell scripts, obtain writing assignments and representation, and even direct their own films. After completion of the grueling six-month course, Hal offers opportunities to come out to Hollywood and meet with producers and agents. I took advantage of that opportunity in November, 2009, as a result of which my sample script is currently under consideration by an agent.



I am working on several scripts and ideas at all times. My writing partner, Lois Wickstrom, and I have a sample script, Coal for Christmas, complete, vetted, and available to anyone who would like to see it.  As successful novelists, we know how to craft stories, and we have now been studying the specific craft of screenwriting for several years. Contact me if you would like to see a sample script.


My objective for the foreseeable future is to have my screenplays optioned and produced. While I will accept a job rewriting someone else's script, my primary goal is to see my own stories on screen. I am a methodical writer, not well suited to the pace of television writing, but perfect for feature films.