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Published Work and Scientific Articles

- Linguistic validation of IQ PANSS assessment for healthcare professionals - positive and negative scales.

- Finanz-Jargon der Eigentlichkeit: Finance, Investment Banking and the new language of Domination

- Jargon: the Pragmatics of Domination, the semantics of abnegation

- The Epistemology of Technical Analysis

- Critical Phenomenology as Scientific Foundation

- The Phenomenology of Trading

- The existential ontology of Investment Banking

- Material Ontology

- The inverted world of Finance and the modern metaphysics of subjectivity

- Éléments pour une interprétation de Marc 4:35-41 à la lumière du chapitre III de l'ouvrage d'Eugen Drewermann, L'évangile de Marc: images de la rédemption.

- Sola Scriptura

- Mélanges

- Financial institutions, the instrumentalisation of authenticity and the dehumanisation of human relations

- The inverted world of Finance and the modern metaphysics of subjectivity

- Credit ratings as behaviour control and the asymmetrical moralisation of finance

- Customer-centric: from the mythodology of customer service to the Theology of the client

- Growth is the cancer: shareholder value as Dogma

- The Entkunstung as prolegomenon to the Aesthetisation of Life

Books and scientific articles in Progress (Spring 2017)

- I am currently working on a new edition of a book I published previously, Mélanges. [Critical Theory, Theory of Knowledge, Epistemology]

- I am putting the finishing touches on a new edition of a book published previously, Critical Phenomenology as Scientific foundation. [Phenomenology, Theory of Knowledge]

- I am currently working on a new book, the Phenomenology of Music Therapy. [Music Therapy, Phenomenology]

Current personal development plan (Spring 2017):

- Business Law and Family Law self-training (completed 19/06/2017)

- Swift 2 with Xcode self-training

- Full Stack Web Developer - refresher course

- Ruby Programming Basics

- JQuery Refresher course (completed 23/01/2017)

- Big Data, Network Theory and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (completed 13/04/2017)

- CSS refresher course

- HTML refresher course (completed 26/01/2017)

- HTML5 refresher course

- Mandarin refresher course.

- Human-Computer Interaction (Stanford University)

- Computation with Motile biological agents (Stanford University)

- Using Genomics, Wearables and Big data to manage Health and Diseases (Stanford University)

Work History



The FPE Group LTD By Shares

Fyutchaflex (Now Fyutchaflex Private Equity - F.P.E. group LTD), originally a mere record label and events production company based in Montreal, Canada, was established in 1995 by Intoccabile, a world class musician and long time member of the Canadian underground music scene. Today, Fyutchaflex, a full-stack music firm, with offices in Tokyo, offers to its clients complete IP, Asset, Identity, Data Management Services, along with Design and Education Solutions specifically tailored for retail and the Entertainment industry. Fyutchaflex also publishes premium audio/video content via beautiful, innovative, integrated proprietary platforms - Fyutchaflex Radio, Fyutchaflex TV and Fyutchaflex IPTV. Fyutchaflex is *the* full-stack music firm.


IT Project Management and Benchmarking

Stanford University

Art History

University of Montreal

French Literature

University of Montreal

Arts and Literature

College de Maisonneuve

Police Technology

College de Maisonneuve

General High School Degree

College Mont-Royal

Advanced Curriculum, 401 and 501


Graphic Design and Website Prototypes - Fast Iteration - Rapid fire prototyping.

Who am I?

My name is Jean Germeil. Nice to meet you!

I am highly organized, dynamic, extremely qualified and motivated.

I am a strategic thinker, capable of handling multiple projects at once and operating effectively in a high pressure environment.

I am articulate, with a demonstrated ability to communicate new, challenging and complex ideas clearly and patiently.

I feel confident in taking initiative and operating in a hands-on manner.

Hobbies and Interests

- SIGINT, ELINT, Cryptography, Security, Mathematics, Finance, Geopolitics.

- I am an avid reader. I am into classical German poetry, classical German philosophy and German philosophy of the early 20th century.