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Business expert Jean-Jacques Degroof currently works as an affiliate researcher for academic institutions throughout Europe and the United States, including the Massachusetts Institute of Techonology’s (MIT) Industrial Performance Center in Cambridge and the Catholic University of Louvain’s School of Management in Belgium. Previously, Jean-Jacques Degroof served as a Researcher at the University of Liège’s Centre de Recherche PME et Entrepreneuriat in Belgium, and as a Visiting Professor and Lecturer at the École des Mines in Nantes, France.

Based upon his research into academic spin-off investments and entrepreneurial infrastructures, Jean-Jacques Degroof has had several papers published in respected periodicals, such as The Journal of Technology Transfer. Jean-Jacques Degroof also presented his findings at various business conferences throughout France, Italy, Belgium, and the United States.In addition, Jean-Jacques Degroof put his research into personal practice by becoming a private investor. The first of his ventures came in 1997, when he joined the board for Dbscape, a Belgian software company.

He followed this with joining the investment firm Hub Angel Group, LLC, in 2000 as a founding member. Other successful enterprises include the investment management organization Ventos S.A. in Luxembourg; the medical software company Forerun, Inc. in Waltham, Massachusetts; and Alena, S.A., an asset management corporation in Brussels.

Jean-Jacques Degroof resides in Brussels where he manages the not-for-profit Degroof-Van Massenhove Foundation. Jean-Jacques Degroof speaks several languages, including fluent French, Dutch, Italian, and English. He is currently in the process of learning Spanish.

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Forerun Inc



Ph. D., MSc. in Management

Massachussets Institute of Technology