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  • Experienced in highly technical, consultative, solution-based sales and business development with typical deals ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000 in products and services.
  • Strong track record of growing sales results through new clients and new market development efforts.
  • Adept at uncovering new business and markets, leading internal developmental efforts to bring new products to market, negotiating and closing large long-term contracts, maintaining positive client relations to ensure continued business, and building strong industry partnerships.
  • Interactions often involve contact and negotiations with Executive and C-Level personnel, but also includes work with many other levels and roles.
  • Experienced leading a team of internal and external sales personnel and rep firms. Most recently built a winning team to expand into new geographic markets.

Work experience

Jun 2007Mar 2009

Director, Business Development and Marketing

SPEC Process Engineering and Construction

Responsible for all Business Development, Sales and Marketing activities for process engineering, design and ultimately construction of high technology facilities. Target industries include energy (cellulosic ethanol, fuel cells, photovoltaics, LNG and high performance batteries), nanotechnology (aerogels and carbon nanotubes), biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor among others. Typical project sizes range from $500,000 to $5,000,000 but can reach over $20,000,000.

  • Took over with a low backlog and weak sales funnel. Rebuilt business to profitability in 2007 by closing over $9 million in new projects.
  • Improved sales results in 2008 to over $10 million under extremely difficult economic conditions.
  • Led definition of SPEC as alternative energy engineering company by focusing efforts on industry and closing several deals in this new space.
  • Led expansion of sales efforts beyond New England into NY, PA and NJ.
  • Hired and managed new representative firms to lead sales efforts within and beyond New England.
  • Led major retooling of website including search engine optimization (SEO) to improve traffic and lead generation.
Nov 2006Apr 2007

Director, Business Development - Analytical Instrumentation

Hired to run the Analytical Instruments business area within Centice; a startup company based a computational sensor spectroscopy technology developed at Duke University. Duties include development of strategic business plan for corporate growth, product and marketing management, and sales management of Centice spectroscopy systems. Applications include Raman, UV, Visible and NIR spectroscopy. Customers include end users through distribution partners as well as direct OEM relationships.

  • Developed and implemented new product positioning and sales channel strategy.
  • Created new marketing campaign including sales literature, advertising and trade show exhibitions.
  • Effectively managed sales channel partners and built strong OEM relationships.
Feb 2005Nov 2006

Director, Business Development

Responsible for developing Sarnoff’s high-performance CCD and CMOS imaging business. Duties include meeting revenue and bookings targets as well as developing and implementing ongoing strategy involving product roadmaps, costing, pricing and other marketing strategies for future growth. Responsible for developing industry partnerships, uncovering and maintaining large multi-million dollar OEM accounts and funding developmental projects with government and commercial clients. Industry focus is on high-performance optical systems, semiconductor, scientific instrumentation and aerospace / remote sensing applications.

  • Personally closed over $10 million in business in 2005.
  • Developed new business valued at over $70 million of growth over the next two years.
  • Led key industry partnerships with large aerospace companies pursuing programs to drive product development for both governmental and commercial applications.
  • Led technology and product development initiatives of high-end EO systems to address expansion into new markets and applications.
Jun 2002Feb 2005

OEM Business Manager

Princeton Instruments

Responsible for OEM sales and business development of high-performance digital CCD imaging and spectroscopy systems. Applications include a wide range of low-light imaging, X-ray imaging, machine vision and spectroscopy. A consultative and highly technical business-to-business sale serving large-volume OEM customers.

  • Grew OEM business from $3 million to $5 million in annual revenue.
  • Rebuilt the OEM business from a dying business segment to the largest growth area of Princeton Instruments. Approximately 80% of business was replaced with new customers.
  • Initiated and played a vital role in new product design efforts including new OEM camera systems and other products to address the high-growth security/surveillance and other markets. Led efforts to bring these new products to market.
  • High internal involvement at every level of sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and service to ensure OEM business growth and customer satisfaction/retention.
Jun 2000Jun 2002

Key Account Manager

Parsytec, Inc.

Account Manager covering all of North America selling high-end digital CCD / machine vision systems with a large focus on software differentiation. Systems are used for real-time quality control, process control and data capture on flat-rolled steel and specialty metals production lines, as well as for extensive post-process data analysis, archiving and process control.

  • Closed largest single-system deal for Parsytec world-wide in 2001 (ca. $1,000,000 order).
  • Grew sales pipeline with key additional clients and maintained North American market share at over 60%.
  • Highly technical and consultative sales approach. Involves detailed business analyses to tie system results into current business system infrastructure for maximum ROI.
  • Duties include developing specific solutions for new accounts, assisting in ROI development, providing software demonstrations and negotiating complex system purchase contracts.
Sep 1998Jun 2000

Sales Engineer

SAI / Neural Applications

Managed and developed nation-wide sales and service of artificial intelligence (AI), PC and PLC based process control, data capture and business systems with a focus on the steel and glass industries.

  • Instrumental in developing and implementing new service-based sales approach as well as new customer service programs.
  • Helped develop nation-wide sales strategy with new company following Systems Alternatives’ takeover of Neural Applications.
Aug 1990Sep 1998

Process Engineer, Product Engineer, Sales Representative

SGL Carbon Corp.

Various Functions & Locations (see below)

Sales Representative – Chicago, IL (April 1997 to Sept. 1998):

Promotion to higher volume region. Responsible for sales of graphite electrodes in the Midwestern region with an annual sales volume of approximately $25 million.

  • Consistently exceeded annual sales goals, increased market share and obtained new accounts in a saturated and highly competitive region.
  • Front-line technical service and service management was a main responsibility.

Sales Representative – Vancouver, WA (Sept. 1995 to April 1997):Responsible for sales of graphite electrodes, carbon electrodes and cathodes used in the metals and phosphorus industries in the western US with an annual sales volume of approximately $12 million.

  • Annual sales goals were consistently exceeded, market share was increased and several new accounts were obtained.
  • Front-line technical service and service management was also a main responsibility.

International Assignment – Meitingen, Germany (Sept. 1993 to Sept. 1995):

  • Expatriate assignment involving job rotation through functions such as Technical Services, International Sales, Production Planning and Quality Engineering (incl. ISO-9000 Planning).

Product Engineer – Niagara Falls, NY (Sept. 1991 to Sept. 1993):

  • Responsible for product improvements through direct contact with customers, manufacturing and customer service.

Process Engineer – Morganton, NC (Aug. 1990 to Sept. 1991):

  • Responsible for process and product quality improvements through developing and performing testing procedures in the manufacturing process. Also responsible for daily quality and inspection reports.


Coursework approximately 75% complete. Could not complete due to professional travel demands.


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