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Data analysis
Working with energy consumption and carbon data I have developed a thorough knowledge of Excel. I specialise in working with large volumes of data and I am able to tie together disparate data sources. I am able to produce charts and graphs as required for financial modelling or carbon reduction calculations. 
I have done extensive research for both my masters and degree courses. I have completed a course in Theory and Research in European and International Trade Law (878M3).  I am able to take large amounts of information and quickly establish the key facts. I wrote my Master's on a new approach to law and I was inventive and industrious in researching new and hard to find information. I am able to quickly establish what is required and present the information in the desired format in the time available.
Project Management
I can manage projects from conception to completion.     Business case and KPI indicators Project Planning Tender exercise and contractor selection Negotiation of terms Program of works Contractor Management Sustainability and maintenance Project reporting and KPI assessment


I am committed to working in an environment that can combine my interests and skills in carbon reduction with innovative projects. I have a diverse set of skills ranging from advanced legal research to project management including a smart meter roll out and and solar panel projects along the way. My career reflects a hunger for innovative approaches and demonstrates a rare combination of research, planning, innovation and where needed rapid decision making. I am a friendly flexible employee who is ready for new challenge. 

Work experience

Volunteer Fundraiser

UK Youth Climate Coalition

I helped to found the UKYCC with a small team of young people, the purpose of which is to raise awareness about climate change. My role was fundraising manager and I created a strategy which targeted green companies and green banks. I wrote numerous funding applications, raised thousands of pounds and the successful conferencebroke even, a real achievement for a new youth led group. Our flagship event Power Shift hosted hundreds of young people over 4 days.

Nov 2010Present

Carbon Management Project Officer

Brighton and Hove City Council

I am part of a team that carry out all of the energy management services and utilities contract management for the City Council's 1400 buildings. I play a key role in the team identifying new energy saving projects. Through data collation and analysis and a strong knowledge of existing and emerging technologies I produce business cases to facilitate the conversion to more energy efficient solutions. I am also responsible for project design and managing contractors on projects. 

Key Achievements:

  • Managing two large solar PV projects
  • Managing a lighting replacement project
  • Building Management System (BMS) installations.
  • All of my projects have come in either on or under budget and contribute to ongoing quantifiable cost and carbon savings for the council.

I pride myself in making stakeholders and building users comfortable and confident about any changes that they will experience through my projects and getting their input early in the process. I am dynamic and capable of working on multiple projects simultaneously developing business cases for one while while managing on site contractors on another. I work well with staff at all levels and enjoy bringing teams together to solve problems.

I have written two policy proposals of my own initiative which have been taken forward by the council. I created the concept of changing the worlds oldest electric railway into the worlds first solar powered railway using Solar Trees. I also developed a scheme to remove electricity from all of the council owned garages. This will save the council >£10k per year in costs alone and far more in maintenance costs. I am quick to pick up on new concepts and I particularly enjoy creating innovative projects. 

I am a confident communicator and public speaker and I am equally at home persuading engineers, senior managers, sustainability experts, politicians and staff to  help me facilitate positive change.  I manage my own time effectively and stay well organised and I enjoy a varied work environment from the boiler-room to the boardroom.


Web Management and Research

Gaia Foundation

I volunteered at the Gaia foundation through my interest in rights for nature. I was responsible for finding relevant news stories from around the world and updating the Gaia Foundation website.

Nov 2009Nov 2010

Energy and Water Team Data Analyst

Brighton and Hove City Council

As the council took on greater legal responsibilities to declare its carbon footprint I was employed to analyse the consumption data for over 1900 meters. This was the first time this role had been created and involved a lot of work tracking down data from hard to find meters and obscure accounts.  As data analyst I was the sole officer responsible for electricity, gas and water data in the council. The job involved monitoring energy usage, validating billing and authorising payments. 

This was a responsible job and taught me that the fundamentals of energy management is monitoring. 

My most notable successes came in identifying numerous overcharges by the utility companies and claiming back the monies owed. The largest of which went through our legal team and saved the council £65,000.

Sep 2009Nov 2009

Data Analyst

Privacy Laws and Business

Working for this legal advice firm I cleaned, altered and updated the contact database. The work involved telephoning contacts and establishing their desire to continue receiving the national and International newsletters.



Masters in Law L.L.M (merit)

University of Sussex

I completed my Masters in Law with a 20,000 word dissertation on Rights for Nature. My particular focus was on International Environmental Law, and I completed the following courses earning a merit overall:

  • International Environmental Law
  • Political and Legal Philosophy MA
  • The Legal Regulation of International Trade
  • Theory and Research in European and International Trade Law


University of Sussex

Taking a keen interest in Development I took a joined degree with International Relations. Teaching  ranged from theory to practical skills and I completed this full time three year course with a desire to go on to further study.  While studying I set up and ran the Aegis society which is dedicated to raising awareness of Genocide around the world. 


Carine Nadal

Carine managed my work as I volunteered for the Gaia foundation. It was a hands off approach as I was allowed to do my own research and given responsibility to update the website and the library. 

Lisa Doody

Lisa has been my line manager for many months and we have worked closely on projects including: building energy surveys. business case creation, energy contract transfers and sustainable communications policy.