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Animals, health, psychology, writing, and human services.


I'm a humble individual, and I care about other people.  I believe in myself and have good intentions for my future.  My work assignments are done efficiently and I take responsibility in being a team worker.  I believe I have a lot to learn yet in life, and each new experience is a step towards greater knowledge.  I take all opportunities given to me seriously and am very grateful to those who are willing to give me that opportunity.  I am confident in my capability to elevate myself vocationally, which is my main objective upon being hired.  I am flexible for schedules, and can be a reliable employee to call on.  I have good verbal skills, listening skills, and general people skills.


With little work experience and a lot of heart, I am open to learn anything, because I believe knowledge is power and I am capable to learn anything I put my mind to.  My lack of work experience is due to years of struggling with my self-esteem, and now finally because of the right help and therapy I am able to accept my weaknesses along with my strengths which in essence makes me who I am and move ahead with high hopes to suceed in all that I set out to achieve.

I will be going to school soon to pursue a career in the field of psychology, but for now I am looking for a job in which we can benefit from each other.  I am looking for decent pay and a fair amount of hours  in exchange for dedication, service, and other humble work qualities I have to provide for you.


Candy Gallagher

Please call.

John Kennedy


Work experience

Sep 2008Oct 2009

Temporary Banquet Working

The Drexel Group

I found the work through Drexel to be exhilarating and I loved that I got to work with new people in new places.  I found my service to banquets to be rewarding and was usually always comfortable in the atmosphere that each activitie took place in.

I was an oncall worker, who was able to satisfie my employer through Drexel and his branches I worked for greatly.  My duties took place mostly at banquets for weddings and other assorted parties.  I 'd do anything from serving, dining, bussing, taking orders, cleaning, and basically keeping the people happy.

To contact:  717-730-9841

Employer:  Richard Schaeffer

Aug 2004Apr 2005


The Miners Rest

The Miners Rest was a restaurant/bar thats theme was dedicated to the coal miners of Pennsylvania.  It was more of a "sit down and eat" place as opposed to fast food, and I really was intrigued by the history of the place.

My duties consisted of cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Also tending to cash register, bussing tables, serving tables, and cleaning the restaurant after hours.

To contact:  814-674-5532

Employer:  Scott or Cory

Jun 2002Jul 2003


Kentucky Fried Chicken

This was my first job.  I worked close to a year at KFC, and still hold good memories of my employment there.

My main duty at KFC was to cook, and I became one of the most valuable cooks they had.  I also did a lot of stock, unloading trucks, and cleaning.

To contact:  814-943-3914

Employer:  John Kennedy


Jan 1998Jan 2002


Cambria Heights High School

High school diploma/equivalent.


Telecommunications/Sales Representative
CDG Management - Mechanicsburg, PA
73 WPM (Typing)