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I believe that my interests define me more as a person than my professional experiences. I am passionate about illustration. I spend much of my time using my drawing skills to graph out processes or to brainstorm ideas. I'm interested in pairing these skills with business, which is an interesting notion in itself. I enjoy playing music and I play a few instruments; guitar, drums, and piano. I enjoy blogging about business, I keep up on the latest in the arts, and I'm a huge advocate for social media. For recreation, you can catch me out on the disc golf course taking in the scenery and relaxing.


My objective is to apply my diverse background, my ability to think creatively, and my passion for marketing in order to hold a position that is both challenging and rewarding in internet marketing. I have focused many of my core classes and electives towards understanding both consumer psychology and the internet marketing environment. I would like to implement consumer-centric marketing strategies that are both effective and innovative.


-Developed retouching process around new technology in Adobe CS3 that reduced average retouch time per image by 10 minutes and increased end quality.

-Received two “Core Process Improvement Awards” for innovative thinking and customer service. -Designed a method to shoot a background at multiple angles to super impose plant images on a background. This made it obsolete to rent photography studio space, purchase dozens of varieties of tropical plants for a photo shoot, but most importantly, it saved the project by making it possible to meet customer deadlines.

-Attended 2008 Monster Diversity Leadership Program. I was 1 out of 3,000 of the 35,000 accepted that applied.


Mark Quick

I worked with Mr.Quick on a daily basis at John Henry, where I learned valuable skills from his years in the industry. Since I developed my skills on the newer techniques used today, I was able to offer Mark some of the new tools where he could not only stay up to date, but sparked his interest to constantly improve his own skills.

Michele Selden

Michele was my direct supporting supervisor during my last months at MPS/John Henry. She not only witnessed my passion, but she accepted the innovative ideas that I brought to the table.

Laura Hall

Laura was the manager who hired me on into the pre-press department where I held various roles. She witnessed my maturity and growth as not only a viable asset to the company, but an employee who accomplished above and beyond the position requirements.

Visual Media


I have worked in the printing industry the past 6 years where I held various roles within John Henry/Multi-Packaging Solutions. These positions included serving as a pre-press technician, where I retouched photography and consulted horticulturist on imaging requirements, and  generated proofs for customers. I started my career in the company as a folder/glue machine operator, when I quickly progressed through the hierarchy. At the peak of my presence at John Henry, I served voluntarily as the co-chairperson for the safety audit team. My responsibilities included the management of a team of 15 auditors, the design of newsletters, new safety logo, and marketing materials to attract team members. Outside of the company, I enjoyed freelance graphic design, photography, and social media marketing consulting. I currently volunteer my time restoring photos that were damaged in natural disasters for a non-profit called Operation Photo Rescue. This has allowed me to improve my imaging and retouching skills and help those in need at the same time.

I am a business administration major at Franklin University, where I have made the President's list consistently every semester. I am recently admitted student to the University of Michigan's MBA program. During my course of study, I have conducted extensive market research using credible primary and secondary sources. Furthermore, I have used analytic tools such as IBM SPSS to analyze the data in order to formulate applicable and successful solutions to address every day marketing issues. I have also studied  advertising, consumer behavior, and internet marketing to understand purchasing and browsing behavior of the internet consumer body.


Apr 2010Present

OCW - No degree granted

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am completing the free OpenCourseWare courses that MIT provides in order to broaden my knowledge and skills. MIT OpenCourseWare is a publication of the course materials that support the dynamic classroom interactions of an MIT education; it is not a degree-granting or credit-bearing initiative. I am currently self-studying the graduate level behavioral economics and finance course.

Work experience

Feb 2010Present

(Volunteer) Photo Restoration

Operation Photo Rescue

-Restore photos for people who lost them in disasters like hurricane Katrina. -Manage photo library to download and upload damaged and restored photos. -Spend 8 to 10 hours retouching a week. -Develop retouching skills to restore varying photo condition.

Feb 2010Jun 2010

(Volunteer) Marketing and Graphic Design

Draupnir CMS

- Design post-modern backgrounds for user interfaces.

- Conduct market research to understand market potential and customer requirements.

- Analyze various channels of promotion and distribution.

Jan 2009Apr 2009

Co-Chairperson Internal Safety Audit Team

The John Henry Company/MPS

-Manage and provide guidance to 15 safety auditors.-Identify safety hazards, determine the root cause, and formulate solutions. -Collect and analyze metrics from safety non-conformance to identify core improvement areas. -Prepare monthly reports to present to executive management. -Design company-wide safety newsletters, signage, and promotions to attract new audit team members.

Sep 2004Apr 2009

Pre-Press Technician

The John Henry Company/MPS

-Repair broken leaves, pedals, and color on horticultural photography using Photoshop. -Consult horticulturalists on the quality and color of customer submitted and internal photography. -Streamline workflows and automate processes for gained efficiencies. -Generate PDF and digital proofs for customer and horticulturist review. -Link images to the storage database so they can be added to correct products. -Image NyloPrint, flexographic, and sheet-fed plates for SLI 4 color presses and 6 color printing presses.

Apr 2009Apr 2009

Graphic Designer

Touch Audio

-Design direct mail for pro-audio and musical instrument equipment.

-Manage product photography and description information in database.

Sep 2003Sep 2004

Folder/Gluer Operator

The John Henry Company/MPS

-Set up folder/gluer machine to fold different die shapes of printed flats. -Perform daily and weekly maintenance while maintaining appropriate logs. -Pack finished cartons into boxes with appropriate labeling and packaging. -Maintain quality product while producing up to 60,000 finished units per hour.


Was used extensively during my education to mine market research data from various sources. Primarily the software was used draw correlations between data sets using one way ANOVA. Furthermore, I used the software to graph and analyze descriptive statistics using mean, median, mode. Regressionary models were also constructed in SPSS and exported to Microsoft Excel.
Social Media Optimization
Working knowledge of all the latest in social media marketing techniques, including verticalization using platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. I currently use Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as tools for my own personal marketing strategy.
File Maker Pro
Able to use this software to generate work flow reports, manage schedule, and measure time efficiency.
DSLR Photography/Green screen technology.
Able to use digital cameras for the use in marketing materials, including banners. Advanced knowledge of image quality parameters, and how to accomplish specific looks using the camera. I have expansive of knowledge of the RAW format, including the latest processing techniques. Can alter files and use green screen technology for easy knockouts for art projects.
Quark Express - Page Layout
Used this software primarily for layout of image proofing. However, I'm able to accomplish page design and layout using this software, which is paired with the use of raster images (Photoshop) or vector art using Illustrator.
Adobe Creative Suite
I consider myself a self proclaimed guru in the application of Adobe Photoshop. I taught myself the program at the age of 10, downloading the trial version. From there, my interest grew until I developed the skill set at a level where I could perform my duties as a pre-press technician. My experience in Adobe products ranges from document creation in Acrobat Pro, to the use of both Photoshop CS3/CS4 and Illustrator. I've created graphics for both web and print using these software platforms. Also, for quick imagine manipulation and work flow, I use Adobe Light room 2 for managing large numbers of photos and folders.
Google Trends/Analytics
These tools are useful for analyzing web traffic, including conversions. However, they are extremely useful for researching search trends for SEO/SEM implementation as well. I can use these tools for both market research and analysis.
Microsoft Office 2003, 2007
Have been using the Microsoft Office suite since the end of high school. This was fortified during my studies in business administration, as I took several classes focused on the use of the software.