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I am looking for a management position utilizing my proven skills in Manufacturing, Finance and Sales/Marketing. Seasoned operations officer with experience in both high tech and traditional manufacturing environments.

Throughout my career I have been results driven, utilizing my leadership, planning, and managerial skills to consistently increase revenues, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction. I have anexceptionally strong attention to excellence which has resulted in above average P&L and continued success in all the divisions that I have been associated with. Results: I will bring to any rolecollaboration with superior implementation and a commitment to exceptional customer service, governance, high ethical standards and the passion to get the job done. I have extensive knowledge of measurement methods, tools and techniques including benchmarking, metrics and other advanced performance measurement techniques, including Balanced Scorecard, Lean manufacturing principles. A resourceful decision-maker, that with a quantitative style , strong leadership and organizational skills has been able to direct high-level business affairs focused on tactical details and multi-disciplined management methodology.

Work experience

Division Manager

  • Senior Executive responsible for all divisional business activities for a international flexible packaging company .Launching an aggressive reengineering of existing operations, along with introducing new technology for producing innovative and creative designs for the packaging industry. High end process printing, cold seal and coatings operation.
  • Full strategic planning and P&L management responsibility for this multi-facility operation. Set direction and monthly objectives to ensure budgets are met. Manage all costing and estimates to ensure proper margins are maintained. Conduct and manage performance metrics to ensure we run at peek operational performance and exceed budget expectations .Specific management including full P&L responsibility, including finance, sales, marketing, production engineering, quality control, human resources, purchasing, scheduling, inventory controls, costing, logistics and distribution. Making us the lowest cost producer in our industry and helping take us from $30MM in sales to over $50MM.

·Experience in managing projects, developing annual budgets, working with other business units within Sonoco group of companies. Lead and direct all aspects of the division as it relates to Heath and Safety, Setting objectives as it relates to other managers goals, coaching and development.

·I also conduct and analyzing performance metrics daily/weekly/monthly to ensure we hit all targets

··Managing the Forecasts and Planning for my division to ensure we have on-time deliveries and meet all sales objectives against budget.

  • Experience process mapping for operational improvements, lean manufacturing and funnel analysis
  • Analyze feasibility of potential new businesses; participate in special projects; which allowed us to be awarded several new long term contracts. This mobilized revenue growth has allowed us into several new ventures which in turn will put us at the leading edge of our business.
Dec 1998Feb 2005

General Manager

Hood Packaging
  • Senior Executive responsible for all divisional business activities for an international consumer flexible packaging company. Lead a successful team to become a world class manufacturing facility with sales globally growing over 20% for the past 5 years.
  • Guided the division from an operating loss to the initial profitability objectives in less then 12 months. Directed and supported an aggressive sales incentive, going from a regional supplier to a global leader which resulted in improved margins. Taking Lean principles throughout the organization results were grew sales over 50% in the first two years under my tender. Sales continued to grow on average by 8% for the remaining term.
  • Have overall operating responsibility for the division including manufacturing, purchasing, maintenance, engineering and shipping/receiving.Results were improved overall productivity 10% and created the lowest cost manufacturing position within the industry and company by unitizing best in class practices and a six-sigma mentality. Promoted the “proactive team concept” by maintaining effective levels of communication with all departments.
  • Specific areas of accountability include planning and budgeting, attaining production targets for output, delivery and cost, staffing, training and evaluation, safety and housekeeping, ensuring positive employee relations, capital projects and coordinating the implementation of LEAN. Key challenges include driving accountability throughout the organization and improving the interaction between over 17 divisions.
  • Upgraded present and future organizational capability by recruiting and developing managers and staff to fit our short and long term objectives. Results were improved quality, on-time deliveries and a lower cost based provider.
  • Achieved a 60% increase in productivity without increasing the headcount. Net margins improved while material and labour variances dropped. Resulting in manufacturing overheads dropping by 10% and material and scrap variances by 20%
  • Implemented a new computer-based MRPII production, inventory control, online purchasing system that substantially improved management control and reduced unit production costs by 18%. With the computer based system we were then able to have our customers view 24/7 their inventory and WIP.


Electrical Engineering

Mohawk College


Suffield University

Business Admin