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Working for 13 years in GIS Consultancy, Solution Design and Application Development , I have participated in many large scale GIS projects for various clients across MENA working in various domains such as: Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Intelligence, Home Land Security, Tourism, Real estate, Land Management...etc. I was able to successfully enhance the Business Processes of such organizations and provide an added-value to their day-to-day activities by providing cutting edge GIS Solutions and Services.

I am always looking for new challenges that increase my knowledge and enrich my career. I am fast  earner and hard worker, and I am able to handle different issues in a working environment while allowing my  team to focus mainly only on positive outcomes.

Work experience

Moro Hub

Dec 2020Present

Manager GIS & Geo Solutions

  • Design GIS Enterprise Services on top of Moro Cloud.
  • Perform Financial Analysis for different GIS Service offerings.
  • Prepare Technical Design for GIS Enterprise Services in Moro Hub.
  • Prepare Sales and Marketing Strategy for GIS Enterprise Service in Moro Hub

Dubai Electricity & WaterAuthority

Oct 2016Dec 2020

Specialist, GIS & Geo Solutions

  • Work as Technical Consultant for:
    • Architecture Design and Implementation of DEWA GIS Enterprise Infrastructure
    • Preparing GIS Transformation Roadmap and Lead around 30 Business Requirement Workshop with different stakeholders
    • Conducting Data Assessment prior to Migration to new ArcFM based system, and Build a mechanism for continues QA\QC for GIS Enterprise Data
    • Provide guidelines for Optimized Data Management Strategy
    • Creating new Data Model for Electricity, Water and Landbase
    • Preparation of several RFPs and conducting proposal assessments
  • Work as Technical Manager for:
    • DEWA GIS Enterprise Upgrade from ArcFM UT 9.2 to ArcFM 10.6.1
    • Training of 1400 GIS Users as part of Digital Transformation Change Management
    • Implementing ArcFM Session Manager to manage Data Editing Workflow
    • Implementing ArcFM Auto-Updaters to facilitate Editing Processes & ensure Data
    • Implementing Geodatabase Archiving and Custom History Tools
    • Implementing set of Custom GIS Locator to easily locate DEWA Assets
    • Developing set of tools to convert data from CAD & CSV to GIS
    • Developing multiple productivity tools to facilitate Data Production like: Bulk Cables
      Reshape, Bulk Cables Split, Mass Attribute Update
    • Developing multiple Map Production tools along with a smart utility to share Map
      Documents between users on top of ArcFM Platform
    • Implementation of Bayanat Web GIS Portal serving 1800 GIS Users in DEWA with 15
      different web applications
    • Implementing Duroob Mobile GIS Solutions serving 1000 Field Users
    • Implementing MARAFEQ Smart Services providing innovative way to share Data with Consultants\Contractors via OGC Services, instead of fragmented offline data on CD
    • Implementation of NOC GIS Web Applications for Power, Water and Infrastructure providing seamless integration with SAP, and Advanced GIS Printing over the web
    • Implementation of integrated GIS\CRM Application to provide Water/Electricity Outage information to Customer Call Center Agents.
    • Implementation of Smart Meters GIS Dashboard
    • Implementation of Customer Happiness GIS Dashboard
    • Implementation of Distribution Field Operations Crew Tracking Solution
    • Implementation of HydroConnect program to integrate GIS and Water SCADA systems for Outage Information, Motorized Valve Status, Smart Tracing of AMI meters.
    • Implementation of ArcFM Conduit Manager for Distribution and Transmission Power
    • Implementation of ArcFM Designer Express for Water Engineering.
    • GIS\SAP Synchronization for Water Assets through GeoWorx.

Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company

Nov 2012Aug 2016

Senior Solutions Lead

  • Establishment of  GIS for Energy & Utilities Cairo Development Center (2015):
    • Prepare Business Case and Resource Requirement
    • Interviewing and Hiring of Senior, Junior and Lead Developers
    • Coordinate with relevant teams to arrange necessary infrastructure including: Software,
      Hardware, licenses, and facilities.
    • Monitor Performance, Conduct Appraisal and Manage Incentives.
  • Client: Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (2012-2016)
    •  Work as Technical Team Leader for GIS Platform Upgrade Project
      • Prepare Migration Plan and advise about the necessary platform customization.
      • Prepare Enterprise Geodatabase Upgrade Procedures
      • Lead Development team to upgrade GIS platform and apply necessary customization.
      • Prepare Training and Change management Plan
      • Prepare Upgrade plan and System Health checks
    • Work as Technical Consultant for ADWEA Business Processes Re-engineering Study for GIS
    • Re-engineer the integration interface between ADWEA GIS Enterprise and Siemens
      SCADA system. The new interface was 9 times faster, making daily synchronization from GIS to SCADA possible.
    • Work as Technical Leader for the Development of ADWEA Online CAD Submission System, that allow ADWEA to receive CAD Drawings online and perform Auto-Conversion GIS after conducting Automatic QA\QC
    • Work as Technical Leader for the Development of ADWEA Demand Forecast GIS Web Viewer that visualize the forecast data on Web Maps using interactive time sliders and summary charts
    • Work as Technical Leader for the  Development of ADWEA Project Tracking that visualize ADWEA projects on an interactive web map along with Project cost and execution insights, utilizing seamless integration with Primavera
  • Client: Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operation (2013)
    • Design and development of ADCO NOC GIS Web Application,
    • Integration with ADCO Unified K2 Workflow and Electronic DMS
  • Client: Ministry of Electricity and Water in Kuwait (2015)
    • Design and Development of Electric\Water Clearance Management System to automate the clearance issuing process
  • Client: Oman Electric Transmission Company (2016)
    • Design and Development of GIS Web Viewer
  • Client: Sultan Qaboos University (2016)
  • Design and Development of GIS Web Viewer to show solar panels and sustainability data. 

Integrant Inc.

Nov 2011Nov 2012

Senior Software Developer

  • Develop and Maintain Alaris® Systems Manager/Maintenance
  • Develop and Maintain Guardrails® Software Suite
  • Upgrade Alaris® Gateway Workstation Firmware and integrate with Alaris® PC unit\
  • Revamping Project Wave product for internal Research & Development

Esri Northeast Africa

Mar 2008Nov 2011

Senior Software Developer

  • Client: Abu-Dhabi Police (2011)
    • Develop Task Force Management System that manage routine Police Patrolling and Emergency Dispatching
    • Develop Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for officer to receive dispatching orders, and search for criminal records and license information on the field
  • Client: Jeddah Municipality (2010)
    • Conduct Systems Integration Study and prepare 9 RFP
  • Client: Libyan Land Registration Authority (2009)
    • Design and Development of 15M$ Land Registration System
      • Design and Development of Inspection planning
      • Design and Development of Web portal
      • Integration with IBM Workflow and Document Management Systems
    • Coordinate with Management Consultant (KPMG England)
  • Client: MOBILY-KSA  (2009)
    • Integrate GIS System with Telecommunication Application and Siebel
    • Design and Development of GIS Data Migration utilities
  • Client: Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiques (2009)
    • Design and Development of GIS Viewer for Public and Internal user
    • Design and Development of Mobile Application for tourists
    • Design and Development of 3D GIS Viewer on ArcGIS Explorer
  • Client: Dar ArRyiadh (2008)
    • Development of Web GIS application to plan and manage Inspections
    • Development of Inspector GIS Desktop Application to Receive Inspection Details, Route to inspection Locations, and collect Inspection Details
    • Development of Reporting Application to generate 40 pages Monthly Inspection Report
    • Conduct System Data migration to new GIS Application
  • Client: Egyptian Intelligence (2008)
    • Develop Building Data Collection Mobile Application
  • Client: Egyptian Defense Ministry (2008)
    • Develop Governorates Data Bank GIS Web application


Ain Shams University


Bachelor of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer and Information Systems
Grade: Very Good


Programming Languages

C#, VB.NET, Python, VBA, SQL, SQL Plus

Web Development

ASP.NET, MVC 4.0, Web API, WCF, JavaScript, HTML 5, Ajax, JQuery

GIS Software

ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise, SE ArcFM, ArcObjects, ArcGIS Runtime SDK, ArcGIS REST API, ArcGIS API for JS

GIS Extensions

ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcGIS Network Analysis, ArcGIS Schematic, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS Data Reviewer, ArcGIS Data Interoperability

Productivity Tools

MS Office, MS Visual Studio, MSTeam Foundation System,MS  SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Github

Database Management Systems

SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Achievements and Awards

Training and Certificates



Introduction to ArcGIS API for Python



Preparing to Implement ArcGIS Online



Configuring and Administering an ArcGIS Online Organization



Administering Content Using ArcGIS API for Python



Introduction to the ArcGIS for Server REST API

Wide view


Artificial Intelligence - Training Program

Critical Innovation


Critical Thinking, Innovation and Creativity

Amity University, Dubai


Blockchain Fundamentals


June 2014

Configuring/Customizing ArcFM Desktop 10.2


Aug 2010

Object-Oriented Analysis and design using UML2.0



Becoming Brilliant Presenter